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All full-time undergraduates pay a Health Services fee each semester which allows them to use the Health Services and the Student Psychological Counseling Services at no additional charge. Part-time students and all graduate students not required to pay the fee must pay the Health Services fee if they wish to use these services after a brief screening appointment. Please note: This fee is not the same as Health Insurance. Regardless of what insurance coverage you may have, you are still eligible for basic health services at the Health Center and for counseling at SPCS if you have paid the Health Services fee.

  • Individual CounselingOffered to students who meet the criteria for short-term therapy. Students needing longer term therapy are assisted in finding off campus resources.
  • Couples and Family Counseling:  Offered to student couples who are both students at Chapman University. Family and other persons important to the student client may be involved in counseling sessions on a limited basis with student permission. Decisions to involve others will be determined by the student and their counselor.
  • Groups and Workshops:Groups and/or workshops are offered at SPCS each fall and spring semester upon enough interest to form a group. SPCS groups and workshops have been offered on various issues including stress, anxiety, self-image/self-esteem, social confidence, and relationships. Please see Groups/Workshops tab below for updated information or campus flyers around campus prior to the start of each semester. If you would be interested in a particular group you don’t see offered, please feel free to contact the counseling coordinator at (714) 997-6778.
  • Psychiatric Services: Limited medication services are available to active student clients of SPCS who have never seen a prescribing clinician or who have been under the care of a prescribing clinician in the past and are no longer under care. Referrals to the prescribing clinicians must be made by SPCS clinical staff and serves as a bridge to students securing outside community psychiatric care. Urgent issues can be reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • Students who already have a prescribing clinician for medications and have resources to get their medications through reciprocity with pharmacies or through the mail and are seeking refills for prescriptions are not eligible to be seen by the SPCS psychiatrist and would be referred to local Urgent Care facilities.
    • Students attending Chapman who are out of state/out of the area who are currently under care by a prescribing clinician at home and are just unable to see them while on campus are not eligible to be seen by the SPCS prescribing clinician and would be provided with outside resources or encouraged to go through their insurance company for providers near campus or their residence while attending Chapman.
    • Students seeking assessment for ADHD and/or ADHD medications are not eligible to be seen by the SPCS prescribing clinicians. Community resources can be provided upon request. 
  • Drop-in Hours: (  Offered to students, staff and faculty, this option is a non-therapeutic service that does not constitute as therapy, but is a space to offer thoughts, ideas, referrals and other resources to those that join.  Members of the Chapman community can drop-in to discuss concerns, receive resources and develop strategies to support themselves or others.  This consultative service can also be used for educational purposes relative to particular mental health topics or a space to share ideas with a clinician.  Those that join must provide their name, physical address and Chapman ID number to qualify for the service. When joining, you will be waitlisted and brought into the room privately to ask questions with one or multiple clinicians, discuss concerns or receive instructions for starting a therapeutic relationship with SPCS. Plan to spend 5-10 minutes with a clinician asking or receiving resources in order to support others that may be waiting.  Clinicians will maintain confidentiality with those that drop-in, however, should a person disclose a danger to self, others or disclose abuse of a child, elder or dependent adult, SPCS will act lawfully.
  • Training and Consultation: SPCS provides services throughout the campus. Staff members develop and lead programs and trainings in the residence halls, and for various campus groups organized by students, faculty and staff and at University orientation programs. SPCS also offers consultation to student groups, faculty and staff upon request.  Examples include how to help a friend, how to support a student in crisis while setting appropriate limits, how to solve interpersonal conflict in a group or how to recognize students with problems and how to refer them to SPCS.


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Phone: (714) 997-6778
Fax: (714) 744-7940

Location: 410 N. Glassell St.
(House between Public Safety & Student Health)

8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. (Closed 12-1 p.m.)

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Mondays and Tuesdays - 10:00 am

Wednedays - 4:00 pm

Thursdays and Fridays - 1:00 pm


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