In order for our office to best serve you, we have implemented a variety of resources and ways to connect. However, if you have major or minor specific questions, please contact your Program Advisor (in your major/minor department) directly.

If you have a quick, walk-in type question, you can join our Virtual Walk-in sessions. Please see more information below.

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Examples of Walk-in Questions:

  • Which GEs do I have left?  
  • How do I take a course outside of Chapman and transfer it back?  
  • Do my planned Fall or Spring classes look okay?  
  • What is the inter/multidisciplinary cluster/themed inquiry and where can I find more information?  
  • What are my options for minors and where can I find more information (including those that require an application or an audition)? 
  • What is my GPA?  
  • What is the process to declare a self-designed major or minor?  
  • Other academic policy questions (P/NP option, repeating classes for a higher grade, withdrawing from a course, etc) 
  • Can I take a semester off from Chapman?
  • Can I be part-time at Chapman?


The questions listed above DO NOT require an academic advising appointment. Please join our virtual walk-in sessions for these quick 10-minute questions.  

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Walk-In Guidelines

  1. Walk-in hours are intended for quick, 10-minute questions onlyIf questions take more than 10 minutes, students may be asked to re-enter the queue for additional/remaining questions to give all students an equal chance to speak to an advisor. Advisors may also recommend a full 30-minute appointment if necessary. 
  2. Academic advisors will not conduct a full 30-minute appointment during walk-in hours. Please visit our appointments webpage for more information on scheduling an appointment.   
  3. If you need assistance with a form (examples include ROTC forms, academic progress reports for athletes, or I-20 extension form for international students), you will need to schedule a full 30-minute appointment. Some forms (for insurance verifications, transferring, etc) may be directed to the Registrar’s office as they are the record keepers at the University.  
  4. Graduation Reviews, full Program Evaluation Reviews and What-if Report Reviews for continuing First Years/Sophomores and Juniors/Seniors require a full scheduled appointment. Please review the types of appointments offered in the Academic Advising Center HERE.