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The following are frequently asked questions regarding information about hearings, write-ups, and appeals. Click over each tab to find the answer to the question. 

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I have been “written up” by a Resident Advisor. What happens now?

Resident Advisors document incidents and complete incident reports on Chapman’s student conduct database, which then notifies the appropriate staff members(s) of the report. If you live in the residence halls, your Resident Director (RD) will receive a copy of the incident report to review. This professional staff member will then send you an email to your Chapman email account to schedule a Community Conversation. If you do not live in the residence halls, the Director of Student Conduct will receive the report, review it, and assign a staff member to reach out to you for a Community Conversation or formal hearing. Please check your Chapman email regularly for this email and respond to schedule a meeting.

I have received an email from someone about scheduling a Community Conversation or a hearing. What do I do?

Follow the directions in the email to contact the person who sent you the letter and schedule an appointment. At the Community Conversation or hearing, you and the staff member will discuss your level of responsibility for any possible Student Conduct Code violations and what next steps may be appropriate.

I was sanctioned to do something, how do I find that information?

You would have received an “Outcome” letter notifying you in writing of the findings in the case, as well as the sanctions. If you have lost your Outcome letter email, please contact your Hearing Officer for the case via email or phone or call the main line of the Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students office at (714) 997-6721. The hearing officer or Dean of Students Office can resend your Outcome letter and/or schedule a meeting with you to discuss the details and expectations of the sanctions.

My student has received a letter about a hearing, what can I do?

It is important to support your student by helping them discuss what to expect in the upcoming Community Conversation or hearing. Helping your student reflect on what their experience was and read through the policies can really help your student feel ready to discuss their perspective in the meeting. It is important to note that, due to FERPA and University policies, hearing officers will not release information about the student's conduct record to family or friends. However, family members should encourage their students to actively engage in the process and ask good questions. You can also attend the hearing with your student as a support person, but please note that Support Persons may not be directly involved in the incident or participate in the hearing or conduct process on behalf of a student.

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