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Title IX Reporting Options
Title IX

» Title IX Reporting Options

All University employees (faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees) are required to report any gender- or sex-based discrimination or harassment (this is inclusive of all alleged incidents of sexual violence) to a Title IX Coordinator. The only exceptions to this requirement are those individuals who are designated as privileged and confidential resources.

On-campus reporting options

These are individuals on campus who work with community concerns, including those related to sex- or gender-based harassment and discrimination, including sexual misconduct. They are available if you want to report an incident, share a concern, or have questions about the Title IX investigative and adjudicative process.

These individuals work with student(s)-to-student(s) matters:

  • DeAnn Yocum Gaffney, Ed.D., Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Senior Associate Dean of Students
    Lead Title IX Coordinator
    Argyros Forum 101
    (714) 997-6721
  • Chris Toutain, Assistant Director for Student Conduct
    Argyros Forum 302B
    (714) 532-6039

These individuals work with matters involving faculty and staff:

  • Albert RobersonEqual Opportunity and Diversity Officer
    Title IX Coordinator
    DeMille Hall Room 140
    (714) 997-6847
  • Dawn White
    DeMille Hall Room 140
    (714) 997-6827

These are additional reporting options on campus:

  • Public Safety Department – (714) 997-6763
    Available 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Dean of Students Office – (714) 997-6721
  • Office of Human Resources – (714) 997- 6686

Once an incident is reported to the University, it will be forwarded to a Title IX Coordinator. Learn more about Title IX investigation procedures for cases involving students here. The Student Sexual Misconduct Policy includes information about prohibited conduct, the University definition of consent, and other information about University processes. There are also FAQs for complainants and FAQs for respondents available.

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Working with Public Safety

An individual who wishes to report prohibited conduct to Public Safety may contact Public Safety directly at 714-997-6763. Public Safety Dispatch is available 24/7, 265 days a year.

When prohibited contact is reported to Public Safety, Public Safety immediately notifies:

  • The Orange, Anaheim or Irvine Police Department, as appropriate, or the local law enforcement agency if outside of Orange, Anaheim or Irvine – The complainant can request that their name not be provided to the police and Public Safety will honor that request.
  • The Title IX Coordinator – The Title IX Coordinator or designee will provide outreach to the impacted student or employee to provide resources and reporting options.

Submitting an Anonymous Report

If you want to report an assault, you may submit via an Sexual Assault Anonymous Report Form. The report can be made anonymously, as long as you select "Anonymous" as your relationship to Chapman. All reports are sent to DeAnn Yocum Gaffney, Title IX Coordinator. 


Reporting to Law Enforcement

An individual who wishes to make a report to law enforcement in addition to, or instead of, making a report to the University may contact law enforcement directly. The following phone numbers are for the various police departments in the areas surrounding Chapman's Orange and Rinker campuses. Please note that the numbers listed are NON-emergency numbers.

  • 911 (for emergencies)
  • Orange Police Department
    • (714) 744-7444
  • Anaheim Police Department
    • (714) 765-1900
  • Irvine Police Department
    • (949) 724-6000
  • Santa Ana Police Department
    • (714) 245- 8665
  • Orange County Sheriff’s Department (Villa Park, North Tustin)
    • (714) 647-7000

An individual has a right to report, or to not report, prohibited conduct to law enforcement. Reporting to law enforcement may start a criminal investigation and adjudication within the criminal justice system. A criminal investigation and process is separate from a University administrative investigation and process.

Should a student or employee obtain a restraining order against another individual, the student or employee is encouraged to share that information with the Title IX Coordinator and/or Public Safety so that the University can be prepared to assist in the enforcement of the restraining order.

Office of Civil Rights

Individuals with complaints of this nature also always have the right to file a formal complaint with the United States Department of Education:

Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
50 United Nations Plaza
Mail Box 1200, Room 1545
San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone: (415) 486-5555
Fax: (415) 486-5570
TDY: (800) 877-8339
Email: ocr.sanfrancisco@ed.gov
Web: http://www.ed.gov/ocr