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Title IX Reporting Options
Title IX

» Title IX Reporting Options

All University employees (faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees) are required to report any gender- or sex-based discrimination or harassment (this is inclusive of all alleged incidents of sexual violence) to a Title IX Coordinator. The only exceptions to this requirement are those individuals who are designated as privileged and confidential resources.

On-campus reporting options

These are individuals on campus who work with community concerns, including those related to sex- or gender-based harassment and discrimination, including sexual misconduct. They are available if you want to report an incident, share a concern, or have questions about the Title IX investigative and adjudicative process.

These individuals work with student(s)-to-student(s) matters:

  • Colleen Wood, Assistant Vice President and Associate Dean of Students
    Title IX Coordinator
    Argyros Forum 101
  • Lauren Lockwood, Program Coordinator for Student Affairs
    Argyros Forum 205
    (714) 532-5056
  • Stephen Heggem, Program Coordinator for Student Affairs
    Argyros Forum 205
    (714) 532-6039
  • Cody Garcia-Pusateri, Program Coordinator for Student Affairs
    Argyros Forum 205
    (714) 516-5649


These individuals work with matters involving faculty and staff:

  • Dawn White, Interim Director of Equal Opportunity and Investigations | Interim Deputy Title IX Coordinator
    DeMille Hall Room 140
    (714) 997-6827

These are additional reporting options on campus:

  • Public Safety Department – (714) 997-6763
    Available 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Dean of Students Office – (714) 997-6721
  • Office of Human Resources – (714) 997- 6686

Once an incident is reported to the University, it will be forwarded to a Title IX Coordinator to be reviewed.

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