» Steps to Register with Disability Services

In order to receive accommodations from Disability Services, you must provide documentation of your disability from an appropriate professional. If you already have detailed documentation, you can contact Disability Services to make an appointment and bring the information with you to that meeting. If you do not have any disability documentation, please follow the steps below.

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1. Collect disability related documentation

Please provide these documentation guidelines to your medical or educational specialist. This form is most suited for Learning Disability and ADD/ADHD. This Verification of Disability form is suitable for most other medical and psychiatric disabilities where there is no assessment report available, also including ADD/ADHD.

Please contact us if you have any questions about appropriate documentation or the registration process.

2. Send disability documentation to Disability Services

After we receive the documentation, we will contact the student to make an appointment for an intake meeting.

3. Have an intake meeting

We will go over the documentation and discuss your strengths and weaknesses. We will see how your disability impacts your learning. We will agree upon accommodations that are appropriate and reasonable. Then we will discuss how to utilize the accommodations at Chapman University. Accommodations utilized in high school are considered, but not automatically approved.