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Graduate Financial Aid

» Financial Aid for Students in Non-Traditional Programs

Chapman University offers a few special programs that do not follow the traditional graduate degree path.

Integrated programs allow undergraduate students the opportunity to start working on their master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree. Current Chapman undergraduate students typically apply to integrate their bachelor's and master's degrees in their sophomore or junior year. If admitted, some graduate courses taken as undergraduates may be applied to their graduate degree.

Through the Pre-Pharmacy Experience (APEx) program, high school graduates can earn their Pharm D. in 5 years. Students spend 2 years on the Orange Campus as undergraduates, completing course pre-requisites for the School of Pharmacy, and then spend the remaining 3 years as graduate students, earning the Pharm.D. on the Rinker campus in Irvine.

Financial aid at the undergraduate and graduate levels are quite different, so it is important to understand how they differ and plan accordingly. 

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