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Civic Engagement

» Civic Engagement

Civic engagement opportunities encourage students to see themselves as part of the larger social fabric and to be informed and active citizens in our local, national, and global communities. Civic engagement includes developing the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed for responsible engagement in our diverse society.

Academic Service-Learning

Chapman University approaches service-learning as an academic experience in which students learn from active involvement with community projects and organizations. They contribute skills and knowledge to community needs while integrating the experiential knowledge they gain with their academic studies. Service-learning helps students transcend classroom boundaries and traditional forms of learning, resulting in the development of mutually rewarding civic ties and enhanced social understanding.

Argyros Forum Student Union

Whether you have yet to register to vote or are already registered in California or another state, the Argyros Forum Student Union is your resource for voter registration and turnout.  The Student Union makes TurboVote available to all students to help you know when elections are happening and have the information you need to vote with confidence.  Sign up to receive election reminders, get registered to vote, and/or apply for your absentee ballot!  Visit the CU at the Booths website for more voter registration and turnout resources.

Community Relations

Through the Panther Experiential Philanthropy Project, the Community Involvement Grant, and relationships with local community organizations, the Office of Community Relations is a key resource for students looking to contribute to the neighborhoods immediately surrounding the Orange Campus.

Student Organizations

From one-day opportunities that introduce students to our local community and public issues, to week-long commitments for students looking for immersive civic experiences, students can participate in a variety of civic engagement student organizations to develop a strong sense of civic identity and a deep commitment to civic engagement.  Visit Engage to find the civic engagement student organizations.