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Living off campus offers both rewards and new experiences. While leading a more independent lifestyle, you may also be challenged by landlord-tenant relationships, roommates, commuting, household budgeting, and staying involved on campus.

The Office of Community Relations has put together a guide to living off campus to help students get the most out of living in Orange and enjoy the community while they attend Chapman. Our Guide to Living Off-Campus has tips and resources for connecting with neighbors, parking in the neighborhoods and permits, outlines several city ordinances, and what it means to be a good neighbor. Working together, we can be great ambassadors for Chapman, and be a positive influence in the community.

Additionally, we encourage students to engage and take an active role within the community they live and learn in. To help with this, we have created the Community Involvement Grant for student organizations who want to participate in community engagement opportunities within the City of Orange.

While Chapman has several events happening year-round, so does the City of Orange. Check out the City‘s events calendar for fun activities and things to explore while attending Chapman.


Questions about living off-campus?

For questions about living off-campus, the City of Orange, or connecting with your neighbors, email Community Relations at

Connect with your neighbors

Opening a line of communication with you neighbors is a great way to build a relationship and enjoy your time in the neighborhood. Be sure sure to introduce yourself and share contact info with your neighbors after you move in.