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The Elections Committee oversees elections of the Student Government Association. This includes the election of the President, Vice-President and Senators.

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+ - Spring 2019 Executive Elections

February 19: Informational Meeting (Cross Cultural Center @ 4pm)

February 19th - 27th at 5pm: Filing Period

February 28th Candidate Meeting (Cross Cultural Center @ 7pm)

Deadline for Write-in candidates: March 2nd @5 pm

Campaign Period: March 4th @ 12am to March 13th @ 5pm (www.chapmanvotes.com)

General Executive Election: March 11th @ 12am - March 13th @ 5pm

Unofficial Election Results Announced: March 13th @ 6pm

Campaign and Expense Report Due: March 14th @ 5pm

All Campaign Materials Removed: March 14th @ 5pm

Results Appeals Deadline: March 15th @ 4:59pm

Official Election Results: March 15th @5pm

+ - Spring 2019 Senate Elections

March 26th: Informational Meeting (Cross Cultural Center @ 5 p.m.)

March 27-April 4th at 5 p.m: Filing Period

April 5th: Candidate Meeting (Cross Cultural Center at 4 p.m.)

April 8th-14th: Campaign Period

General Senatorial Election: April 15th @ 12 a.m. - April 17th @ 5 p.m.

Unofficial Election Results Announced (via email): April 17th @ 6 p.m.

All Campaign Materials Removed: April 17th @ 5 p.m.

Results Appeals Deadline: April 19th @ 4:59 p.m.

Official Election Results: April 19th @5 p.m.

+ - Fall 2018 Senate Elections

August 29: Informational Meeting (Cross Cultural Center @ 6 p.m.)

August 31st – September 6th  at 5 p.m.: Filing period

September 7th: Candidate Meeting (Cross Cultural Center @ 4 p.m.)

Deadline for Write-in candidates: September 9th @ 5 p.m.

Campaign Period: September 10th @ 12 a.m.- September 19th @ 5 p.m.

September 17th-19th at 5 p.m.: Election (6 p.m. Unofficial Results)

General Election: September 17th @ 12 a.m.-September 19th @ 5 p.m. (www.chapmanvotes.com)

Unofficial Election Results Announced: September 19th @ 7p.m.

Campaign and Expense Report Due: September 20th @ 5 p.m.

All Campaign Materials Removed: September 20th @ 5p.m.

Results Appeals Deadline: September 21st @ 4:59 p.m.

Official Election Results: September 21st @ 5 p.m.

+ - 2018 Official Fall Election Results

Attallah College of Educational Studies: Carly Croft 

Underclassmen Senator: Nicole Katz

Student Organization Senators: Summer Khatib, Ishani Patel, Dylan Derakshanian 

+ - Petitions for Candidacy

Director of Elections

All questions regarding the elections process should be directed towards the Director of Elections, Wil Harris by email. 
photo of Wil  Harris

Wil Harris

Director of Elections
Wil Harris is a Political Science and Peace Studies Double Major.
I am proud to serve as Director of Elections for the 2018-2019 academic year. Serving as a Senator for the past 2 years has given me an intimate understanding of SGA's Elections Processes, and I look forward to using that knowledge to help foster student engagement in elections. My mission as Director of Elections is to generate interest and excitement about SGA, and to help students become actively involved in their campus government.
no photo available for Maytal Sarafian

Maytal Sarafian

Election Committees Member
Maytal is a Business Administration major with an emphasis in Management.
Sarafian serves as a Resident Advisor to Pralle-Sodaro Hall, an active member in Kappa Alpha Theta, and the Chief Finance Officer in DECA.
As a member of the Elections Committee, I am going to encourage fair and competitive campaigns. It is my ultimate goal to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and get involved in student government—whether that is through running for office or simply casting a vote during an election.
no photo available for Nelly Rouzroch

Nelly Rouzroch

Elections Committee Member
Nelly Rouzroch is a Strategic & Corporate Communication major. She is currently an active member of Chapman's ISCO as well as The Panther and Hillel.
I joined Election's committee because I wanted to be a part of an organization on campus that will have a positive impact on the Chapman campus through elections. I hope that by participating in the SGA elections committee I will be able to help elect senators that will represent the students of Chapman, and strive to do so in the best way possible.
no photo available for Max Weirauch

Max Weirauch

Elections Committee Member
Max Weirauch is an undeclared freshman.
Max is President of Glass Hall Council and takes pictures as a staff photographer for The Panther.
I am an international student going into my first year at Chapman University. In December of 2016, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from Germany, and am excited to continue soaking in the California sunshine at Chapman. Although currently undecided, some of my academic interests include business, communications, and marketing. In my spare time, I enjoy taking photographs, and publish them on my website creativemexx.com, hanging out with friends at the beach, and playing soccer.
no photo available for Niles Lopshire

Niles Lopshire

Elections Committee Member
Niles is a Psychology and Anthropology major.
He is an active member of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, NSLS, and Chapman Ambassadors.
I joined SGA because I wanted to make a positive impact on students’ lives. I hope to use this position to better Chapman University and bring both the student body and the community together. I want to improve the elections process and better the turn out for voting.