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Isabella Mahar

Director of Elections
Isabella is the Director of Elections for the 2023-2024 academic year. Isabella is a junior who is double majoring in Political Science and English Literature. In addition to SGA, she is the President of the Undergraduate Law Review and the Vice President for Kappa Alpha Pi. She is excited to serve as Director of Elections with the goal of creating a representative student government that promotes engagement for all undergraduate students!

Elections 101: How to Run for SGA

The Student Government Association conducts three elections throughout the academic year: Fall Senatorial, Spring Presidential, and Spring Senatorial. 

The Election Process - Senatorial Election 

  1. Fill out the Candidate Packet on Engage 
  2. Contact the Director of Elections (sgaelections@chapman.edu) for further info on the Petition for Candidacy
  3. Attend the Candidate Meeting on the last day of the Filing Period
  4. Campaign through social media and flyers to promote your platform and why you're running

Nomination Form

The purpose of the Nomination Form is to encourage your peers to run for a position if you think they will be a good candidate; the form is a great way to engage with the SGA Election Process if you are hesitant about running yourself. 

The form will require the name and email of the student you are nominating. The "Senate Seat" and "Why" sections are optional but highly recommended. 

Once the form is submitted, the Director of Elections, Isabella Mahar, will contact the individual

Meet the Elections Committee

The Elections Committee oversees the election process of the Student Government Association. This includes the election of the President, Vice-President and Senators. Please follow the official SGA Instagram @chapmansga for live elections updates and refer any questions to the Director of Elections, Isabella Mahar, via email sgaelections@chapman.edu

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