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Who is Eligible for a Graduate Assistant Position?

Acceptance into a Chapman University graduate program provides eligibility for a graduate assistant position in student affairs. Graduate students who have experience in student affairs and/or are interested in pursuing a career in the field will be prioritized.

Why You Should Consider a Graduate Assistant Position

Graduate assistant positions offer a year of opportunities to combine the theories and principles of leadership learned through academic coursework with supervised experience in the administrative and developmental functions of student affairs units. In doing so, graduate assistant positions provide students a unique window of opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, dispositions, and values that are fundamental to the student affairs profession. They are also essential to supporting undergraduate college students’ development during a time in their lives that is characterized by self-exploration, identity development, and self-authorship.

The Benefits of a Graduate Assistant Position

Graduate assistants pursuing a career in student affairs receive ongoing professional development support and career preparation guidance, in addition to membership in a professional association and the opportunity to receive financial assistance to attend local/regional student affairs conferences.

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Openings for the 2023-2024 academic year can be found on the student employment job site.