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Below you will find several handouts and short videos on important advising information.

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Video - Advising Types

Wondering how Academic Advising works at Chapman? Watch this short video to learn all about the different types of advising options we have here at Chapman and how you can learn more about visiting the Academic Advising Center.

Video - Transferring a Course to Chapman

Have you been thinking about taking a class through a local community college or other four-year university and would like to know if it can transfer to Chapman? Then watch this short video to learn how you can utilize the Chapman website to see how classes transfer.

Video - Waitlisting or Swapping Courses

Are you trying to waitlist a course that is at the same time as another you are registered in? Then you need to be using the SWAP function in your my.chapman.edu to ensure you are enrolled when a spot becomes available. Watch this video to learn more about waitlisting and the SWAP function.

Video - Block Scheduling

Certain majors use block scheduling. This means that you'll be automatically enrolled in certain classes. But you will still have to enroll in all other classes yourself. This video will teach you how to register for your classes if your major uses block scheduling.

Video - Understanding AP/IB

This video will show you how to submit your Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) test scores.

Video - Undeclared Experience

Entering Chapman with an undeclared major? These videos will give you an idea of what to expect!


Video - Transfer Credit Report

Need help reading and understanding your transfer credit report? This video will show you how.