» First Year Student Housing

First Year Students will live in one of these buildings: Pralle-Sodaro Hall, Henley Hall, Glass Hall, Morlan Hall, and the Sandhu Residence Center. These buildings are designed to enhance the student experience at Chapman. Each building is part of a Fenestra Living-Learning Community which connects residents to their academic college and their peers.

Henley Hall

the outside of the Henley hall building Built in 2001, Henley Hall is one of primary places where First Year Students will live in their first year at Chapman. Visit Henley Hall's page to learn more and to view room layouts.

Morlan Hall

trees and the outside of the Morlan  hall building Comprised of two buildings, North Morlan and South Morlan, Morlan Hall provides residents a unique living experience. Morlan Hall is surrounded by grassy common spaces that are adorned with tables, grills, and local flowers and trees. It is a short walk away from main campus and the cafeteria.

Pralle-Sodaro Hall

side profile of a building with lots of trees Pralle-Sodaro Hall is the closest residence hall to main campus and has a underground parking lot for resident students. Pralle is also very close to the cafeteria.

Glass Hall

the outside of glass hall Glass Hall offers students a unique living experience by being divided into three towers: North, Central and South. Glass Hall residents are centrally located to the cafeteria, the Jim Miller parking structure, the Masson Family Beach Club, and other First Year communities.

Sandhu Residence Center

street view wit ha car and trees of the Sandhu residence center The Sandhu Residence Center primarily houses First Year students. It is conveniently located close to campus. It houses the cafeteria, its own parking lot, and a 51-foot textured surface known as the Doti-Struppa Rock Wall.