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Dean and Associate Deans

photo of L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
Hashinger Science Center 215
(714) 997-6930
photo of Michael Fahy, Ph.D.
Michael Fahy, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer & Associate Dean
Von Neumann Hall 104
(714) 997-6879
photo of Christopher Kim, Ph.D.
Christopher Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Hashinger Science Center 217
(714) 628-7363
photo of Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D.
Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of External Relations and Co-Director of the Chemistry Program and Biochemistry Programs
Hashinger Science Center 130B
(714) 628-2855

Office of the Dean

photo of Jennifer Hunnewell
Jennifer Hunnewell
Director of Operations
Hashinger Science Center 201
(714) 628-7375
photo of Justin  O'Neill, Ph.D.
Justin O'Neill, Ph.D.
Director of Lab Safety
Hashinger Science Center 102
(714) 516-5625
photo of Sarah Buckley
Sarah Buckley
Development Coordinator
Hashinger Science Center 206
(714) 289-2032
photo of Rebecca Green
Rebecca Green
Assistant to the Dean and Grand Challenges Initiative
Hashinger Science Center 213
(714) 997-6840
photo of Kayla  Richardson
Kayla Richardson
Business Coordinator
Hashinger Science Center 213
(714) 628-7372

Lab Staff

no photo available for Mohammad  Haq
Mohammad Haq
Science Lab Supervisor
Hashinger Science Center 121
(714) 532-6064
photo of Ashley Whelpley
Ashley Whelpley
Senior Lab Technician
Hashinger Science Center 222B
(714) 532-6094
no photo available for John  Woodard
John Woodard
Senior Lab Technician
(714) 532-6094
photo of Shiva  Rezaei
Shiva Rezaei
Lab Technician
Hashinger Science Center 220A
(714) 516-5825
no photo available for Ahmad  Al-Shawa
Ahmad Al-Shawa
Instrumentation Technician
Hashinger Science Center 10
(714) 516-7195

Program Staff

no photo available for Robin Pendergraft
Robin Pendergraft
Graduate Program Coordinator, Computational and Data Sciences Programs
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 997-6993
photo of Kaitlyn Gutierrez
Kaitlyn A. Gutierrez
Administrative Assistant (Biochemistry, Chemistry and Physics undergraduate programs)
Hashinger Science Center 106
(714) 516-7230
no photo available for Dana Dacier
Dana Dacier
Administrative Assistant (Math undergraduate programs)
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 744-7644
photo of Robyne Kelly, MPA
Robyne Kelly, MPA
Administrative Assistant, Food Science Program
Hashinger Science Center 224
(714) 289-2040
no photo available for Cheryl Stack
Cheryl Stack
Administrative Assistant (Biological Sciences and Environmental Science and Policy undergraduate programs)
Hashinger Science Center 106
(714) 628-2862
photo of Kristina Zemaitaitis
Kristina Turonyte Zemaitaitis
Administrative Assistant (Computer Science and Machine Learning Assistive Technology Lab)
Hashinger Science Center 224
(714) 628-7364