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Dean and Associate Deans

photo of L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
Hashinger Science Center 215
(714) 997-6930
photo of Michael Fahy, Ph.D.
Michael Fahy, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Operations, Facilities, and Finance
Von Neumann Hall 104
(714) 997-6879
photo of Christopher Kim, Ph.D.
Christopher Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Academic Programs
Hashinger Science Center 217
(714) 628-7363
photo of Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D.
Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of External Relations and Director of the Chemistry Program
Hashinger Science Center 130B
(714) 628-2855

Office of the Dean

photo of Jennifer Hunnewell
Jennifer Hunnewell
Director of Operations
Hashinger Science Center 201
(714) 628-7375
photo of Lauren Lee
Lauren Lee
Development Coordinator
Hashinger Science Center 206
(714) 289-2032
photo of Rebecca Green
Rebecca Green
Assistant to the Dean
Hashinger Science Center 213
(714) 997-6840

Lab Staff

photo of Justin O'Neill, Ph.D.
Justin O'Neill, Ph.D.
Director of Lab Safety
Hashinger Science Center 102
(714) 516-5625
no photo available for Mohammad  Haq
Mohammad Haq
Science Lab Supervisor
Hashinger Science Center 121
(714) 532-6064
photo of Ashley Whelpley
Ashley Whelpley
Senior Lab Technician
Hashinger Science Center 222B
(714) 532-6094
no photo available for John  Woodard
John Woodard
Senior Lab Technician
(714) 532-6094
photo of Shiva  Rezaei
Shiva Rezaei
Lab Technician
Hashinger Science Center 220A
(714) 516-5825

Program Staff

no photo available for Robin Pendergraft
Robin Pendergraft
Graduate Program Coordinator, Computational and Data Sciences Programs
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 997-6993
no photo available for Kaitlyn Gutierrez
Kaitlyn A. Gutierrez
Temporary Administrative Assistant (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Physics undergraduate programs)
Hashinger Science Center 106
no photo available for Dana Dacier
Dana Dacier
Administrative Assistant (Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Math and Software Engineering undergraduate programs)
Von Neumann Hall
(714) 744-7644
photo of Robyne Kelly, MPA
Robyne Kelly, MPA
Administrative Assistant, Food Science Program
Hashinger Science Center 224
(714) 289-2040
no photo available for Cheryl Stack
Cheryl Stack
Administrative Assistant (Biological Sciences and Environmental Science and Policy undergraduate programs)
Hashinger Science Center 106
(714) 628-2862