» About Schmid College

The Schmid College of Science and Technology was founded in 2008, when science-related degree programs (previously housed in Wilkinson College) were migrated to the new college. Since its establishment, Schmid College has enjoyed significant growth, which is projected to continue. The college emphasizes a personalized, faculty-led, hands-on education, with opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students to conduct and present research in their fields of study.   

In addition to its undergraduate and graduate programs, Schmid College is home to various centers for research.  Among them are the Center of Excellence in Computation, Algebra and Topology (CECAT), the Center of Excellence in Complex and Hyper-complex Analysis (CECHA) and the Institute for Earth, Computing, Human and Observing (ECHO). Schmid College is also affiliated with the Institute for Quantum Studies, which hosts a distinguished list of world-renowned physicists, including a 2013 Nobel Prize recipient and a 2010 Presidential Medal of Honor winner.

Schmid College of Science and Technology has recently expanded and is now housed in the new 140,000 sq. ft. Keck Center for Science and Engineering on Chapman’s main campus in Orange, California in 2018.