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About the Institute for Quantum Studies


The mission of the Institute for Quantum Studies is to provide a worldwide focal point for students, researchers, governments, and industries to collaborate on advanced studies of quantum mechanics, including: quantum foundations, quantum information science, quantum computing and technology, and applications thereof to other fields.

In addition, we offer support to new fields evolving from these cooperative advances in mathematics, as well as social, biological, computational, and physical sciences.


The Institute for Quantum Studies strives to communicate both the relevance, and importance, of quantum mechanics to an extended audience through community focused outreach. We hope to address the diverse interests of the general public by making conceptually rich science more accessible to others.

Dr. Steven Chu, Nobel Laureate in Physics and former US Secretary of Energy, has said, “The Institute for Quantum Studies will be a place of inspiration, insight, and imagination. The fields it will further are important to the strength of the nation. But even more critical is the commitment the Institute has made to deepen our nation’s appreciation for the importance of science, and to convey the mystery and wonder of the universe to our citizens.”