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Yakir Aharonov, Co-Director Institute of Quantum StudiesYakir Aharonov is an internationally renowned theoretical physicist recognized for having discovered more than 30 fundamental physics effects (many concerning quantum phases). The topological nature of quantum phases (which are independent of the space-time paths of the encircling particles) makes them robust and useful tools for many fields of physics. For example, the impact of the Aharonov-Bohm effect has been significant as indicated by the number of times the AB effect is cited in journal titles/abstracts, summing to more than 4,000 (and growing exponentially). The principal Government Quantum Information roadmap states: "At least two important precursors to this [quantum computing] paradigm shift had critical influence," citing Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen/Bohm-Aharonov/Bell effect and the Aharonov-Bohm effect. When Thomson-Reuters conducted a worldwide poll of scientists, Professor Aharonov was voted most likely to win a Nobel Prize in Physics in coming years.

Professor Aharonov's sole, full-time affiliation is with Chapman University as Director of the Institute for Quantum Studies, Professor of Theoretical Physics, and the James J. Farley Professor of Natural Philosophy. View his CV.


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Time-symmetry, pre- and post-selection, and weak measurements in quantum mechanics.

  1. Consistency of Time-symmetrical quantum mechanics with standard quantum mechanics
  2. Time-symmetrical quantum mechanics has revealed new features and effects: Weak-Measurements
  3. Time-symmetrical quantum mechanics lead to new mathematics, simplifications in calculations,  and stimulated discoveries in other fields
    1. quantum walk,
    2. superoscillations and
    3. new paradigm for signal amplification
      1. Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv) "Amplification through the use of the Aharonov-Albert-Vaidman effect" (2/8/10 Chapman University conference)
      2. Onur Hosten (Illinois-UC) available "Observation of Optical Spin Hall Effect Using Weak Measurements" (2/8/10 Chapman University conference)
      3. Andrew Jordan (Rochester): "Precision Measurements of Phase and Beam Deflection Using Weak Values" (2/8/10 Chapman University conference)
  4. Time-symmetrical quantum mechanics suggests generalizations of quantum mechanics
  5. Publications

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-Elected Fellow American Physical Society, 1981
-Weizmann Prize in Physics, 1984
-Rotschild Prize in Physics, 1984
-Miller Research Professorship award at Berkeley 1988 - 1989
-The Israel National Prize in Physics 1989
-Elected to the National Academy of Science of Israel 1990
-Elliott-Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute 1991
-Honorary Doctorate Technion, Haifa 1992
-Honorary Doctorate University of South Carolina 1994
-Elected to the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 1994
-Hewlett-Packard Europhysics Prize 1995
-Wolf Prize, 1998
-EMET Prize, 2006
-Reuters Citation Laureate, 2009
-National Medal of Science, 2010