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Jeff Tollaksen, PhD

Dr. Jeff Tollaksen is Co-Director of the Institute for Quantum Studies, as well as Professor of Theoretical Physics in the Schmid College of Science and Technology.

Before arriving at Chapman, Dr. Tollaksen worked in the School of Computational Science at George Mason University. His research has been published in many scientific journals and he currently serves as prime investigator of several grants.

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Armen Gulian, PhD

Dr. Armen Gulian is the Senior Research Scientist and Director of Chapman University's Advanced Physics Laboratory, located in Burtonsville, Maryland. His scientific career began with a PhD and post-doctoral research on non-equilibrium phenomena in superconductors and superfluids with Nobel Laureate Vitaly Ginzburg.

Before setting up Advanced Physics Laboratory for Chapman, Dr. Gulian founded the Laboratory of High-Temperature Superconductivity at the Physics Research Institute, Armenia (overseeing the world's first observation of phase-slip centers in high-temperature superconductors). Dr. Gulian has also worked on development of quantum detectors at US Naval Research Laboratory, where he suggested a theoretical design and experimental demonstration of cryogenic detector prototypes for X-ray/UV single-photons.

Read Dr. Gulian's Curriculum Vitae and review his list of many publications, including prediction of "photon deficit" effect (important for development of electronic coolers); theory of superconducting quantum generators (potential application for terahertz radiation imaging and high-resolution acoustic imaging); prediction of interference current at hydrodynamic description of superconductivity (important for superconducting nano-wires).