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A Popular Discussion with Sean Carroll

The Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics by Sean Carroll. Wednesday, September 16 @5PM PDT.

The Institute for Quantum Studies presents an online discussion between Dr. Sean Carroll (Catltech) and Dr. Matthew Leifer (co-Director of the Institute for Quantum Studies) on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Dr. Carroll is a theoretical physicist, specializing in quantum mechanics, graviatation, cosmology, statistical mechanics, and foundations of physics. He is also a prolific author of popular science books, and his latest, Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergencve of Spacetime, argues that quantum mechanics is best explained in terms of multiple universes that are constantly splitting from one another, and explains how this point of view may help us to understand quantum gravity. This will be the topic of conversation with Dr. Leifer, which will be accessible to a general audience. The conversation will be broadcast live on YouTube at https://rebrand.ly/IQSCarroll. There will be an opportunity for audience Q&A and a book giveaway during the event.


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Superoscillations - Theoretical Aspects and Applications Symposium

view of Grand Hotel in San Marcos

Superoscillations were identified independently by Sir Michael Berry and Yakir Aharonov in very different contexts, but in the last several years the communities of mathematicians and physicists have taken increased interest in this phenomenon, both because of its interesting mathematical characteristics, and because of its many potential applications. This symposium is intended not only to present the state of the art on (theoretical and applied) research on superoscillations, but also to look at the future of this field. Click here for more conference info.

Sir Michael Berry Visits Chapman

A Few Physics Wonders - Superoscillations series - Divergent series -

A Few Physics Wonders poster

Sir Michael Berry came visiting Chapman campus ready to talk about some of the beautiful things that physicists actually do. Intentionally accessible to anybody, this free and open to the community colloquium uses non-technical language and a multi-media experience. A Few Physics Wonders is generally appealing to an audience interested in science, especially those who find the work of other great physicists, like Einstein or Hawking, inspirational.

Following his fun, standing-room-only popular talk, Sir Michael Berry hosted an open, five-part series of technical seminars focused on Superoscillations, and concluded with a supplementary sixth presentation from his Divergent Series: From Thomas Bayes's Bewilderment to Today's Resurgence Via the Rainbow.