» 7th International Workshop on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks

Chapman University is honored to host the 7th International Workshop on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks 2018, in Orange, California from March 3 through 4, 2018. Immediately preceding this workshop is another Chapman hosted event, the AAV Conference - Celebrating 30 Years of Weak Values from March 1-2.

Also, note that the March Meeting of the American Physical Society takes place the following week (March 5 - 9) in Los Angeles, CA, which is near Chapman University campus, providing a third reason to come visit us in sunny Southern California.

Quantum walks, which are quantum-mechanical analogues of random walks, are promising models to understand quantum dynamics. These models have sparked various theoretical and experimental investigations covering areas in mathematics, physics, quantum information, and statistical mechanics. This workshop aims to bring interdisciplinary researchers from all areas of quantum walks, both theoretical and experimental, together to discuss recent work and find future directions of research.

Dr. Yakir Aharonov, as well as a number of invited speakers, is scheduled to present, and we are also accepting abstract submissions for contributing talks and poster presentations. We strongly encourage students and young researchers to join us at this workshop.

Conference Information

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Keynote Speakers Schedule

March 3rd - in Argyros Forum, Conference Room 212

930AM Yakir Aharonov

11AM Stefan Bottcher: Quantum walks on low-dimensional geometries

1130AM Tereza Štefková: Quantum walks on the Manhattan lattice and the L-lattice

130PM Janos Asboth: Topological phases of quantum walks and how they can be detected

230PM Akimasa Miyake: Quantum computational supremacy in sampling bosonic quantum walkers

4PM Francesco Petruccione: Open quantum walks

5PM Etsuo Segawa: A structure theorem of the positive support of Grover walk on graphs with a large girth

March 4th - in Argyros Forum, Conference Room 212

9AM Peter Drummond: Simulating and assessing boson sampling experiments with phase-space representations

930AM David A. Meyer: Boundary conditions in quantum random walk simulations

11AM Giuseppe Di Molfetta: Quantum walking in curved spacetime: discrete metric

1130AM Stanislav Skoupý: State transfer by means of discrete-time quantum walks

130PM Vinay Ramasesh: Direct observation of a topological invariant using a quantum walk in superconducting circuits

230PM Hugo Defienne: Quantum walks of photons in disordered media

330PM Martin Štefanák: Probing measurement induced effects in quantum walks via recurrence

Workshop Venue Locations

Please click here for a map of Chapman campus, with the workshop location for both March 3rd and March 4th circled for your convenience.

For our guests arriving to campus from their hotels by shuttle, the drop-off location at Schmid Gate (circled in red on your map) is conveniently positioned close to Argyros Forum, Conference Room 212, our workshop venue for March 1st and 2nd (circled in orange). Please follow the yellow line on your map for the quickest route to get to Argyros Forum, Conference Room 212, from Schmid Gate.

Call for Abstracts - Oral and Poster Presentations

The Organizing Committee recommends all poster presentations display at a standard size of 36" x 48". Foam-core boards will be available for pinning/clipping your poster to, as well as easels that can accommodate both landscape and portrait orientations (so, please use what's best for the presentation).

Abstracts: Please download and use our .docx template when formatting your abstract submissions. Our template is conveniently available here: Abstract Template.

Deadline for submissions is 2 February 2018. When ready to submit your abstracts for review, please e-mail them to us at quantum@chapman.edu

Local Information

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Hotel Accommodations and Transportation

We have arranged group-discounted hotel rooms at two locations: the ALO Hotel, and the Ayres Hotel. Both hotels are located less than two miles distance from Chapman University, and sit next to each other, side-by-side.

Reserve a room at the ALO Hotel

Reserve a room at the Ayres Hotel

Shuttles will be available to transport attendees from the Ayres Hotel to Chapman campus every morning between 8-9AM, and from Chapman campus back to the Ayres Hotel between 9-10PM on March 3rd, and between 4-5PM on March 4th. Chapman University campus pick-up/drop-off locations will be in the same place: Schmid Gate, which may be found here on our campus map.

If you will be driving your own vehicle, please e-mail us at quantum@chapman.edu to receive a campus parking permit.