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+ - First Day - Signal Amplification with the Aharonov-Bergmann-Lebowitz Formulation and the Aharonov-Albert-Vaidman Effect.

Morning Session: Monday, February 8, 2010

Yakir Aharonov (Chapman) - "Intro to Time-symmetric Quantum Mechanics & Weak Measurements"

Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv) - "Amplification through the use of the Aharonov-Albert-Vaidman Effect"

Onur Hosten (Illinois-UC) - "Observation of Optical Spin Hall Effect Using Weak Measurements"

Aephraim Steinberg (Univ of Toronto) - "Weak Measurements of Single & Joint Observables Applied to Interaction-free Measurements & Single-photon Trajectories"

Afternoon Session:

Yakir Aharonov (Chapman) - "Intro to Time-symmetric Quantum Mechanics & Weak Measurements II"

Andrew Jordan/John Howell (Univ of Rochester) - "Precision Measurements of Phase and Beam Deflection Using Weak Values"  

Discussion (led by Jeff Tollaksen) - "Constraints on Signal Amplification through the use of the Aharonov-Albert-Vaidman effect" 

Evening Session:

Alexander Korotkov (UC Riverside) - "Weak Measurements in Solid State Systems: Theory & Experiment"

Mankei Tsang (MIT) - "Optimal Waveform Estimation via Time-Symmetric Quantum Smoothing"

+ - Second Day -

Morning Session: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sandu Popescu (Bristol) - "Kinematic Non-locality (entanglement) and Dynamical Non-locality"

Yuval Gefen (Weizmann Institute) - "Weak Measurements and Weak Values in Quantum Solid State Systems" 

Parallel Sessions:

Discussion (led by Sandu Popescu) - “Aharonov-Bergmann-Lebowitz, Pre-and Post-Selection, Weak Measurements and Communication”                            

J. Smith - “Quantum Radar Modeling”

Terry Rudolph (Imperial College) - "A Photon Cluster State Machine Gun"

Afternoon Session:

John Martinis (UC Santa Barbara) - "Violation of Bell's Inequality in Josephson Junction Phase Qubits"

Ray Simmonds (NIST Boulder) - "Low-loss Superconducting Resonant Circuits"  

Aephraim Steinberg (Univ of Toronto) - "Generation & Characterization of Multi-photon Entangled States & Applications in Metrology & Sensing"

Discussion (led by Hans Haucke) - "Generating Entangled Microwave States"

Evening Session:

Hans Briegel (Innsbruck) - "Cluster and Graph States" (TBC)

Andrew Houck (Princeton) - "Generating Single Microwave Photons"

+ - Third Day - Multipartite Entangled States

Morning Session: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jon Dowling (LSU) - "Methods of Entangling Large Numbers of Photons for Enhanced Phase Resolution"

Sandu Popescu (Bristol) - "Bell-type Inequality for Detecting and Producing True N-Body Nonseparability"

Parallel Sessions:

Discussion (led by Dowling) - "Large N and Multipartite Entanglement"

Hirokazu Kobayashi (Kyoto University) - Geometrical Aspects of Weak Measurements

Alonso Botero (Univ. de los Andes) - "Entanglement and the Precise Inference of Joint Measurement Outcomes for Non-commuting Observable Pairs"

Afternoon Session:

Jeff Kimble (Caltech) - "Multipartite Entanglement for a Single Excitation Shared Among Multiple Atomic Ensembles"

Jeffrey Shapiro (MIT) - "Gaussian-State Quantum Illumination for Improved Detection, Imaging, and Communication" 

Discussion (led by J. Smith) - "Quantum Radar – Noise, Sensitivity and Decoherence”  

Evening Session:

Lev Vaidman (Tel Aviv) - "Measuring Non-local Phases”   

Mark Dennis (Bristol) - "About Zero: Optical Nodes and Superoscillation”

+ - Fourth Day - Quantum Enhanced Estimation and Detection

Morning Session: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Yakir Aharonov (Chapman) - "A New Approach to Decoherence and the Quantum-to-Classical Transition (entanglement from the perspective of the system rather than environment)"

Nobuyuki Imoto (Osaka) - "Sending Quantum Information into the Past by Measurement"

Parallel Sessions:

Discussion (led by Armen Gulian) - “Solid State Generation and Detection of Entangled States”           

Kazuhiro Yokota (Osaka) - "Direct Observation of Hardy's Paradox by Joint Weak Measurement"                                                  

Michael Scheibner (UC Merced) - Essential Concepts for Spin Initialization, Entanglement, and Wavelength Shifting of Entangled Photons with Coupled Quantum Dots”

Afternoon Session:

Yanhua Shih (UMBC) - "Ghost Imaging"

Jeffrey Shapiro (MIT) - "Quantum Pulse Compression”

Discussion (led by John Gray) - "Approaches to Quantum Imaging”

Evening Session:

Dominic Berry (Waterloo) - "Entanglement-Enhanced Measurement of a Completely Unknown Phase" 

Yutaka Shikano (MIT)/A. Hosoya (Tokyo Institute of Technology) - "Probability and Stochastic Process using Weak Value/Strange Weak Values"