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Why do we believe things? What’s the nature of free will? Why are we here?

As a Philosophy student at Chapman, you will engage with all of these questions and many more as you explore the history of philosophical thought. Along the way, you’ll take part in conferences and discussions, develop critical thinking and communication skills and learn how modern philosophy is relevant to the sciences (and vice versa).

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready to take the next step and apply your knowledge to law, policy, business and so much more.

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In this program, you will:

  • Explore the history of philosophy from its beginnings to the present day.
  • Learn how to use reason and logic effectively.
  • Construct and analyze complex arguments.
  • Study ethics and moral issues.
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By the time you graduate, you'll be able to:

  • Enter fields like law, journalism, teaching, business and more.
  • Tackle ethical problems in medicine, business and the environment.
  • Take your studies further with a graduate degree.

Why Philosophy?

Tell someone you’re studying philosophy and chances are the next thing they say will be “Why?”

That’s not a slight against philosophy. Far from it. Most people just don’t know how practical philosophy is. Philosophy today is less “dusty old books” and “esoteric essays” and more political policy, economics, medical ethics and much more. Philosophy is everywhere. That’s why we’re here to help you land a real job and make a real difference with your philosophy degree.

Philosophy as a science?

Unlike most schools, we situate our Philosophy degree firmly within the sciences — not the humanities. We believe that philosophy and science aren’t just relevant to one another; they’re crucial. That's why we help you build a foundation in the history of philosophical thought, then apply it to contemporary topics in the sciences such as sustainability, medical ethics, the impact of technology on human cognition and much more.

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Take your passion for philosophy worldwide in one of our many study abroad programs.

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Join a passionate community of Philosophy students in one of our many on-campus clubs, such as our Philosophy Club, where you'll get to experience guest lectures and in-depth discussion, or the Phi Sigma Tau philosophy honor society.

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You'll have access to a dedicated career team that will help you explore philosophy career pathsplus find internships and jobs.

Metaphysics and Epistemology

When you study philosophy at Chapman, there are two areas of emphasis you can choose from: metaphysics and epistemology.

These words might sound difficult to understand, but at their core, they’re simple:

  • Metaphysics is the study of reality and existence. It deals with the nature of consciousness, matter and the universe.
  • Epistemology is the study of knowledge. It deals with what we know and how we know it.

Once you know which area you want to emphasize in, you’ll dive in deep and build your expertise, focusing on the problems that intrigue you the most.

View a sample four-year plan here.

Find Your Niche

From environmental ethics to quantum mechanics, every philosopher has their niche. We make it easy to double major or earn a minor alongside your philosophy degree so that you can find yours. We have programs in:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Humanomics, our humanities-focused economics minor
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology



As a Philosophy student at Chapman, you'll learn from experienced teachers who are dedicated to your success. Check out these profiles to meet a few of them.

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