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Dean L. Andrew LyonAt its core, Science is about understanding the physical world around us, while Technology is about applying that knowledge.  In the Schmid College of Science and Technology, we have made it our mission to mentor and grow the next generation of leaders through a curriculum that develops outstanding problem solving skills in the context of the grand, interdisciplinary challenges facing us today.  The leaders we train will thereby be well-prepared to push the boundaries of our knowledge and drive technological innovation.

In their research, our faculty approach grand challenges by combining interdisciplinary breadth and collaboration with rigorous disciplinary depth and scholarship.  It is this approach that provides our students with a modern view of problem solving in our technologically focused world.  Our students are encouraged to partner with faculty in research, and to experience the exhilaration of making new discoveries or developing advanced software and hardware tools.  

Importantly, the curricula and degree programs offered throughout the college can be tailored to meet the broad range of student needs and career goals.  Whether a student targets a career in healthcare, explores the world of computation, is passionate about the intersection of science and policy, or needs a firm foundation for graduate school, a rigorous undergraduate education in the sciences is a crucial first step towards those goals.   Schmid takes that educational path further through its graduate programs, where we expand the student experience and knowledge base and create a more sophisticated scientist.   Our extensive connections with local employers create another level of education through research partnerships, internships, and networking opportunities.

I encourage you to explore our degree offerings and consider how we can work together in scholarship and education.   There are amazing opportunities here in Schmid, and across the whole Chapman campus, and I sincerely hope you take the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful community. 

L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
Dean of Schmid College of Science and Technology

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