» Message from the Dean

Dean L. Andrew Lyon

At its core, Science is about understanding the physical world around us, while Technology is about applying that knowledge. In the Schmid College of Science and Technology, we have made it our mission to mentor and grow the next generation of leaders through a curriculum that develops outstanding problem solving skills in the context of grand, interdisciplinary challenges facing us today. Our students are prepared to push the boundaries of our knowledge and drive technological innovation.

Schmid College, in its research, education, and outreach efforts, endeavors to:

(1) be internationally recognized as a college that delivers, through innovative and differentiated pedagogical approaches, a meaningful education in the sciences that is simultaneously deep and broad

(2) be internationally recognized as a college that produces impactful research, scholarship, and innovation via a fundamentally new research enterprise model, with that work being impactful both in terms of the importance of the new knowledge generated and its positive influence on our educational mission

(3) be internationally recognized as an intellectual ‘safe haven’ for scholars who strive to answer questions that go beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries, who seek to build bridges between disparate areas of inquiry, who choose to delve deeply into the foundational underpinnings of our natural world, and/or who choose to tackle the grandest challenges facing our world today and in the future.

I encourage you to explore our degree offerings and consider how we can work together in scholarship and education. There are amazing opportunities here in Schmid College, and across Chapman University, and I sincerely hope you take the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful community.

L. Andrew Lyon, Ph.D.
Dean of Schmid College of Science and Technology