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Schmid College of Science and Technology

» Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

To study the substances that compose the world around us and explain their behavior at the molecular level is fundamental to scientific knowledge.

The Chemistry Program is part of the CHEMISTRY and BIOCHEMISTRY ACADEMIC UNIT in Schmid College of Science and Technology of Chapman University.

Chapman’s chemistry program prepares students to meet major scientific and technological challenges, such as discovering and delivering drugs and therapeutics; synthesizing new materials; analyzing clinical, environmental, and forensic samples; improving the world's food supply and nutrition; addressing climate change and environmental transformations, to name a few.

Schmid College of Science and Technology offers a top-tier faculty of scientists currently engaged with students in research projects such as nanomaterials and regenerative medicine, toxic metal(loid)s in mine wastes, atmospheric chemistry and climate change, catalytic surfaces and fuel production, experimental cancer therapeutics, bioactive compounds in plant-based foods, and biological ammonia production for agricultural applications.

Through hands-on experiential learning, we prepare our students for professions in traditional chemistry areas and forward-looking interdisciplinary fields, as well as post-graduate studies in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacy, food science, materials science, medicine, dentistry, forensics, analytical chemistry, art conservation, business, and law.

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Sarah Carranza
Administrative Assistant
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Elaine Benaksas Schwartz, Ph.D.
Chemistry Program Director
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