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» Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Schmid College of Science and Technology offers a bachelor of science degree that examines the mechanisms of organic, analytical, physical, inorganic, and biochemical chemistry. Students also receive training through elective courses and research in cutting-edge areas such as aquatic chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, computational chemistry, environmental geochemistry, medicinal chemistry, physical geology, and biochemistry.

Faculty members in the program are currently conducting research with students on many topics, including:

  • Neurotransmitter signal transduction pathways in CHO cells
  • Kinetics and mechanisms of the photochemical degradation of common environmental pollutants in natural waters
  • Distribution and characterization of heavy metals in mine wastes
  • Development of mass spectrometer based techniques to measure trace species in air and seawater

We believe the best way to learn science is to do science. Our students graduate with a strong research experience, predominantly with faculty at Chapman but also through participation in NSF and NIH sponsored summer research experiences. Many students begin research as early as their freshmen or sophomore year, and some become co-authors with faculty on research publications. Most attend and present at professional conferences, typically the American Chemical Society regional and national meetings, and the Southern California Undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry student research conference.

The program offers essential education and training for students who are planning a career in the physical sciences or who are anticipating further studies in chemistry, biochemistry, dentistry, medicine, medical technology, nursing, pharmacy etc.  Alumni have gone on to medical school, dental school, the Biochemistry Graduate School at UC Riverside, Keck Graduate Institute, UC Irvine, University of San Francisco, and have attained positions in the private sector.

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