» Dr. Keith Hankins
Assistant Professor, Smith Institute for Political Economy and Philosophy

Wilkinson College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Department of Philosophy
Dr. Keith Hankins
Office Location:
Wilkinson Hall 228
Office Hours:
TTh 3-4pm, W 11am-12pm
(714) 516-7105
Freshman Foundations Program
Brown University, Bachelor of Arts (Latin)
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Master of Arts
University of Arizona, Ph.D.

Keith’s research interests lie at the intersection of moral and political philosophy, economics, and social psychology. His current research focuses on three things: 1) the norms that mediate our responses to accidents and the role apologies play in promoting cooperation in the wake of accidents, 2) the costs and benefits of perspectival diversity in various domains, and 3) how we can assess the prospects of institutions and policies that have not ever been implemented.

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications
"Searching for the Ideal: The Fundamental Diversity Dilemma" with Jerry Gaus, in Kevin Vallier and Michael Weber (eds.), Political Utopias: Contemporary Debates, Oxford University Press, 2017, pp. 175 - 202.
"Adam Smith's Intriguing Solution to the Problem of Moral Luck," Ethics, 126 (3), 2016, pp. 711 - 746.
"When Justice Demands Inequality" with John Thrasher, Journal of Moral Philosophy, 12 (2), 2015, pp. 172 – 194