» 4 + 1 Integrated Undergraduate/Masters of Health and Strategic Communication

The Health and Strategic Communication Master’s program and the B.A. programs in the School of Communication offer a 4 + 1 program option for undergraduates that enable students to begin taking M.S. coursework in their senior year and receive a Master of Science degree within one year of finishing their undergraduate studies. The program is open to all undergraduate majors as long as they have satisfied the prerequisites for the program and meet the admissions requirements. Get a head start on your career with this accelerated program that provides networking and internship opportunities. You will have access to paid research and grant opportunities with top health and strategic communication scholars.

Our faculty’s strong relationships with various agencies, organizations, universities and hospitals throughout Southern California and the world provide unparalleled opportunities for research, internships and work experiences. In addition, the program offers a number of funded graduate teaching and research assistantships to qualified students.

Chapman students can apply to the HCOM M.S. program during their junior year. Students will receive conditional admission to the program, pending completion of their B.A. degree as stipulated in the graduate catalog. If accepted to the M.S. program, students can take up to 12 graduate credits during their senior year as an undergraduate student that be used to satisfy both the undergraduate graduation requirements AND count toward the M.S. in Health and Strategic Communication.

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