• Chapman students studying on Bert Williams Mall in front of Memorial Hall.
School of Communication

» B.A. in Strategic & Corporate Communication

The Strategic and Corporate Communication major emphasizes communication theory and practice associated with the advancement of an organization's mission, services, and vision through persuasive messaging in the broad organizational context, by exploring the purposeful use of communication. The goal is to educate students so they know how to create active, interested knowledgeable audiences out of latent audiences, so that organizational goals can be reached. Armed with the necessary skills, the student becomes a professional communicator whose charge is to credibly promote the organization's corporate agenda.

Students will learn to apply strategic communication techniques in specific types of organizational settings including for-profit, not-for-profit and in government organizations. The skills obtained are applicable in broad variety of industries and settings. These include, but are not limited to, organizations seeking internal change, organizations promoting social change, international organizations, and health-related organizations. Students in this major will also explore crisis communication and political messaging, which will lead them to become ethical and culturally sensitive communicators.

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