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» Apply to Change Your Major

Thank you for your interest in the School of Communication undergraduate programs. To be considered for admission to the Communication Studies (COM) program, Strategic Communication (SC) program, or Global Communication and World Languages program, you must complete the following application.  This application is for students already enrolled at Chapman University. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA for your application to be considered.

Essay Requirement
Please note, as part of this application you are required to write an essay articulating your understanding of the major and your interest in applying. Please explore the School of Communication community by looking through our blogs page, faculty directory and website prior to writing your essay. You may either type your essay into the textbox on this form, or attach an MS Word or PDF document. 

Tips: It is the School of Communication (no "s"). Please proofread your explanation for spelling and grammatical errors. You will be evaluated on the content and quality of your writing.

Essay prompts:

  1. After researching this major, my understanding of the major is...
  2. I am applying to this major because...

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You can reach out to the School of Communication at commadvising@chapman.edu.

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