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photo of Wil Del Pilar '95

Wil Del Pilar '95

Vice President for Higher Education
The Education Trust
B.A. Communication Studies
"My career in higher education started as a work-study student in the office of admissions at Chapman University. It was through this work that I decided to make a career in education where I felt I could create access and opportunity for students who had fallen into education, like me."
photo of Holeka Inaba ’16 (M.S. ’17)

Holeka Inaba ’16 (M.S. ’17)

Communication Consultant
Kūpaʻa Business Planners
B.A. Communication Studies and M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
"...my communication degree has helped me in more ways than I ever expected. In terms of running for office, I think back to the wide range of information I learned regarding messaging, and yes, communication theory. My communication degree from Chapman has and will continue to allow me to work well with and for my community."
photo of Shana Makos '06

Shana Makos '06

Doctoral Student and Graduate Teaching Instructor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.A. Communication Studies
"I decided to pursue my graduate degrees in communication because I want to learn about how we can improve people’s lives through communication, particularly those with marginalized identities. We have the opportunity to better someone’s life each time we communicate, and that’s not something to take for granted."
photo of Ella Parlor '11

Ella Parlor '11

Market Activation Manager
Pernod Ricard
B.A. Communication Studies
"These little nonverbal forms of communication can have a big impact on your first impressions. These small details can make a world of difference in opening or closing opportunities."
photo of Laura Roosevelt '17

Laura Roosevelt '17

Senior Specialist, Paid Media Strategy
Vail Resorts
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"What has benefited me most in my career is how I was “raised” to be a young professional by the School of Communication and Chapman University: sending handwritten thank you notes after interviews, speaking up in meetings, putting forward innovative ideas, challenging the status quo, recognizing it’s okay for the status quo to continue, for the time being, networking, volunteering in my community, seeking a life and career that align with my personal values."
photo of Mona Sleiman ’14 (M.S. ’15)

Mona Sleiman ’14 (M.S. ’15)

Account Manager
B.A. Communication Studies and M.S. in Health and Strategic Communication
“People are everything – we learn from each other, we push each other to grow, and we celebrate together.”
photo of Kevin Taucher ’13

Kevin Taucher ’13

Director of Global Procurement
Unitas Global
B.A. Communication Studies
"Communication is an interesting discipline, not for its novelty, but for its utility. It’s not a focus that blows your mind very often. More likely what you’ll find is that you refine your understanding of common knowledge and existing skill sets, and there’s a lot of value in that. In fact, relating to people and navigating social situations has been one of the most beneficial skills in my arsenal. It serves me in every aspect of my life, not just business."
photo of Tanya Thomas '09

Tanya Thomas '09

Director of Customer and Employee Experience
Experian Health
B.A. Communication Studies
"My communication degree taught me a lot about communicating and collaborating with different cultures, genders, personality types; how people respond to perceived conflict, what people need to feel inspired for change, etc. This knowledge and skill set have been completely critical to every role I’ve ever had in my field."
photo of Sara Wagner '17

Sara Wagner '17

Deep Learning Institute Training Programs Manager
B.A. in Strategic and Corporate Communication and B.A. in Psychology
"My Strategic and Corporate Communication senior seminar class prepared me so well for job hunting, equipping us with interview tips, resume workshops, and knowledge on researching companies before interviewing. Generally, I got experience in marketing, economics, cross-cultural communication, and more. The program was everything in one."
photo of Allyson

Allyson Wadman '17

Public Relations Specialist
MGM Resorts International
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"With every company I applied to, they were SOOOO impressed with my Strategic and Corporate Communication major because it was integrated. All the classes I took in The School of Communication made me a well-rounded candidate for the public relations industry."

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