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photo of Garrett Aanestad SCC '16

Garrett Aanestad SCC '16

Manager, Chapman Fund
Chapman University
"Outside of the classroom, the relationships that I made with amazing people- both students and faculty, further enhanced my confidence in myself and the way I think. Getting to work together with people who see things differently is one of the best ways to grow personally and the School of Communication provided that opportunity on a daily basis."
photo of Ari Berman SCC '15 and HCOM '16

Ari Berman SCC '15 and HCOM '16

Social Media Data Consultant
Kaiser Permanente
"I am currently a Data Consultant in Social Media Strategy at Kaiser Permanente where I analyze data to prepare monthly national and regional social media reports for Member Services teams, including Performance Improvement, Social Media unit, and the national Contact Center."
photo of Meghan Grace COM '12

Meghan Grace COM '12

Researcher/Author/Speaker/Doctoral Student
Vanderbilt University/Plaid, LLC
"I studied in the School of Communication because I found the topics so relevant and broadly applicable to a variety of fields. I found the utility of my courses spanned into multiple areas of involvement and interest."
photo of Mitch Halbert

Mitch Halbert SCC '17

Business Operations Analyst
"An important factor of my job is being an effective communicator, and what has helped me in that role was Chapman's Communication Department."
photo of Makenzie Hendrix

Makenzie Hendrix SCC '17

Co-Owner and Director of Operations
Vibes Beach Cafe
"My degree from the SoC has been monumental to my success! I even established such close bonds with a few of my previous professors that we continually keep in contact. I believe that directly reflects how invested the educators are at this University and a testament to the type of education incoming Chapman students can expect."
photo of Paula Pearl SCC '15

Paula Pearl SCC '15

Advertising and Internet Marketing
Onestop Internet
"My Communication Studies degree has helped me tremendously in my career. Working in marketing, I am always communicating with people. Whether it is using the presentation skills I learned in Public Speaking, utilizing the teamwork skills that I gained in Group Comm or using the knowledge from Mass Comm to understand how to present different messages. I feel that having a background in communication has made me a more effective communicator which is much needed when working with large groups of people and project managing."
photo of Tim Seavey

Tim Seavey COM '15

"The connections you make at Chapman are almost as important as the skills you learn."
photo of Hilary Smith COM '13

Hilary Smith COM '13

Assistant Manager, Indirect Procurement – Advertising and Promotion
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
"My communication degree has been invaluable to my career. The harmony of a degree that ties together interpersonal relationships, corporate communication, and quantitative analysis has helped me develop into an extremely well-rounded professional."
photo of Essie Uribe SCC '17

Essie Uribe SCC '17

Digital Marketer
Penhall Technologies
"I love that I can be creative with the end goal of promoting and growing a company."
photo of Allyson Wadman

Allyson Wadman SCC '17

Public Relations Specialist
MGM Resorts International
"With every company I applied to, they were SOOOO impressed with my Strategic and Corporate Communication major because it was integrated. All the classes I took in The School of Communication made me a well-rounded candidate for the public relations industry."

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