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photo of Briana Betz '17

Briana Betz '17

Marketing Communications Specialist
Aspen Medical Products
B.A. Communication Studies and M.A. Strategic Communication Management
As a Marketing Communications Specialist, Briana develops and executes NPI marketing campaign strategy, messaging, and content. Briana states that the School of Communication gave her the confidence to excel in her career and the real-world skills and knowledge needed for her role.
photo of Marisa Bhanubandh '20

Marisa Bhanubandh '20

Marketing Coordinator
Uneekor Inc.
The School of Communication taught me how to work with people in group collaboration projects, organize marketing campaigns to help spread the word about a topic, and to be a team player to motivate others to contribute to the overall task.
photo of Tess Breen '06 (Ed.D. '18)

Tess Breen '06 (Ed.D. '18)

Dr. Tess Breen, LLC
B.A. Communication Studies and Ed.D. Organizational Leadership
Dr. Tess Breen is a professional speaker and meeting facilitator. She offers leadership development workshops and consulting services to help organizations develop strong leaders and improve corporate culture. Essentially, she helps companies manage their most valuable resource: their people. Website: Drtessbreen.com
photo of Melissa  Borgmeyer '20

Melissa Borgmeyer '20

Fair Event Coordinator
Fairgrounds Speedway Nashville
B.A. Communication Studies
"The School of Communication is a family. Every professor wants to see you succeed. If you are looking for a job or internship, Don't give up! Keep working on your skills and use the available resources."
photo of Phil Bui '19 (M.S. '20)

Phil Bui '19 (M.S. '20)

Business Analytics and Research Analyst
B.A. Communication Studies and M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
As a Business Analytics & Research Analyst, Phil synthesizes and provides IP/content security intelligence to business units across NBCU and its brands (i.e. he conducts, reviews, and reports on research relating to media piracy and counterfeit goods both in the US and abroad).
photo of Neil  Collins '22

Neil Collins '22

B.A. Global Communication and World Languages
Neil serves as an in-house recruiter for Oracle operations covering all areas of the business, including Enterprise Sales, Application Consulting, Software Development, and Marketing.
photo of Camila Correa '20

Camila Correa '20

Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Chapman University
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
Camila's job entails data entry, strategic planning, event planning, research, data analysis, and social media. Her job is to engage with alumni (and sometimes students) in many different capacities to learn the needs of alumni and how to best support them. Camila creates opportunities for alumni to feel connected to the university through event planning and implementation, as well as answering emails and phone calls from alumni who have a question about what perks they have. Her role also involves data entry and analysis, and strategic planning and evaluation. One of her recent favorite projects she's started in her office is affinity group research and outreach to support Chapman's alumni of color.
photo of Korina Dehpanah  '22

Korina Dehpanah '22

Paid Social Analyst
Acronym Media
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
As a paid social analyst, Korina strategizes on campaigns for clients such as the Four Seasons, optimizes budgets for campaigns, creates ad copy, plans social media boosting, and creates advertising content for the company's social media,
photo of Wil Del Pilar '95

Wil Del Pilar '95

Vice President for Higher Education
The Education Trust
B.A. Communication Studies
"My career in higher education started as a work-study student in the office of admissions at Chapman University. It was through this work that I decided to make a career in education where I felt I could create access and opportunity for students who had fallen into education, like me."
photo of Jackie Diebold ' 17

Jackie Diebold ' 17

Business Development Coordinator
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
As a business development coordinator, Jackie runs event management, conferences, project coordination, outside "sales", and business development.
photo of Faith Escalera '18 (M.S. '19)

Faith Escalera '18 (M.S. '19)

Account Supervisor
Faith leads public relations campaigns, leadership/executive visibility initiatives, internal and external communications, media relations, social/digital media and advocacy work.
photo of Diana   Gabonia (Chao) '11

Diana Gabonia (Chao) '11

Talent Acquisition Team Leader
First Hawaiian Bank
B.A. Communication Studies
As a talent acquisition team leader, Diana handles full cycle recruitment, team management, and business partnership.
photo of Allison Galuska '18

Allison Galuska '18

HR Coordinator/ College Recruiter
Kimley-Horn & Associates Inc
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"Remain curious and never stop asking why."
photo of Chelsea Green '09

Chelsea Green '09

Partnerships Director
Chelsea leads Fabletics multi-tiered partnerships and influencer marketing programs, sources and manages deals with brand partners, celebrity talent and social media influencers and executes brand partnership initiatives and events to generate original content for cross functional purposes across site marketing and social media.
photo of Reagan Hime '18

Reagan Hime '18

Project Manager
TRC Companies, Inc.
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
As a project manager, Reagan implements and manages statewide ratepayer funded utility incentive programs for homeowners and builders interested in electrification to help California meet its ambitious decarbonization goals. His day to day involves managing multiple teams to help make sure deliverables are completed and client deadlines are met while promoting program participation and satisfaction.
photo of Holeka Inaba ’16 (M.S. ’17)

Holeka Inaba ’16 (M.S. ’17)

County Councilmember
County of Hawaiʻi
B.A. Communication Studies and M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
As a councilmember, Holeka assists with community outreach, reviewing and approving the County budget, assessing and evaluating community needs, establishing priorities for the identified needs, and enacting laws that promote the health and safety of County citizens.
photo of Kim Katz '10

Kim Katz '10

Senior Event Marketing Manager
B.A. Communication Studies
As a Senior Event Marketing Manager, Kim is responsible for the strategic planning and execution of all marketing events for a start up company. This includes sourcing the right events to sponsor/attend for brand awareness and business growth, as well as designing, planning, and execute their annual industry conference.
photo of Jenny Kim '19

Jenny Kim '19

Growth Marketing Associate, Paid Social
Stitch Fix
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"Get experience in whatever field as early as possible!"
photo of Jasmine Lee '19

Jasmine Lee '19

Director of Collaborations
B Street Shoes & Blvd Custom
B.A. Communication Studies
As director of collaborations, Jasmine fosters relationships with partners and brands in order to organize thought-provoking and storytelling campaigns, and in-person and virtual experiences. Partnering alongside the world’s most recognizable brands, non-profit organizations, and independent artists and creators, she bridges the gap between a client’s vision and hand-crafted design to create one-of-a-kind wearable works of art.
photo of Shana Makos '06

Shana Makos '06

Doctoral Student and Graduate Teaching Instructor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.A. Communication Studies
"I decided to pursue my graduate degrees in communication because I want to learn about how we can improve people’s lives through communication, particularly those with marginalized identities. We have the opportunity to better someone’s life each time we communicate, and that’s not something to take for granted."
photo of Jordan Michael '21

Jordan Elijah Michael '21

Talent Coordinator
Digital Brand Architects
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
Jordan coordinates, plans, executes, and edits content for social channels. He also brainstorms content with signed talent for their personal social channels and attends events with talent. Jordan strategizes brand partnerships with creator integration and manages posting/monetization for a select number of their signed talent.
photo of Mandi  Ortiz '16

Mandi Ortiz '16

Marketing and Entertainment Manager
Los Angeles Angels
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
As a marketing and entertainment manager for the Los Angeles Angels, Mandi manages the entertainment at home Angels games, including national anthem performances, their interactive squad, inning break activities, music, and video board content. Additionally she spearheads themed nights throughout the year and is also the in-stadium host, serving as a familiar face at games, introducing inning break activities and fan engagement on the microphone. Lastly, she is the female voice on the Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge - on Tuesdays, and Thursdays on our radio station, Angels Radio AM830 KLAA, as a radio personality.
photo of Elton  Ortiz '22

Elton Ortiz '22

Research Associate
M.S. Health and Strategic Communication
As a research associate, Elton leads a longitudinal public health research project funded by NIH and the NIAAA. He takes part in piloting, recruiting participants, conducting research analyses, and maintaining all aspects of the project.
photo of Ella Parlor '11

Ella Parlor '11

Market Activation Manager
Pernod Ricard
B.A. Communication Studies
"These little nonverbal forms of communication can have a big impact on your first impressions. These small details can make a world of difference in opening or closing opportunities."
photo of Rikishi Rey '22

Rikishi Rey '22

Assistant Professor of Sport Communication
Clemson University
Ph.D. Health and Sport Communication
Kishi is a tenure-track assistant professor in the Department of Communication at Clemson University, an R1 institute. In this role, she focuses her attention on all three facets of academia: teaching, researching, and service. As an instructor, she teaches two courses each semester, encouraging students to dive deeper into communicative concepts as they pertain to sport, health, theory, and methodology, and focuses the course on preparing them for careers after graduation. Her research focuses on health-related issues within sport including injury reporting, concussion management, mental health and well-being, and coach-athlete communication. She also fulfills her service requirement at Clemson University as the Social Media Director for the Eastern Communication Association, as the National Communication Associations - Communication and Sport Division Secretary, as a Robert H. Brooks Sport Science Institute Fellow, and as an academic advisor for undergraduate and graduate students.
photo of Marvin Roca Jr. '20

Marvin Roca Jr. '20

Senior Account Executive
The Rose Group
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication and B.A. Political Science
As an account executive, Marvin is a publicist leading client accounts to build brands and story tell across earned media campaigns, including but not limited to brand launches, events, PR stunts, and so much more!
photo of Al-Leigh  Roden '14

Al-Leigh Roden '14

CCSA - Captain, Coordinator, Sales Admin
Wedgewood Weddings
B.A. Communication Studies
Al-Leigh serves a banquet captain for Wedgewood Weddings. In this position she leads servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff to successfully operate an event. She also works with banquet coordinators, hosts, and vendors, to successfully coordinate an event.
photo of Laura Roosevelt '17

Laura Roosevelt '17

Senior Specialist, Paid Media Strategy
Vail Resorts
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"What has benefited me most in my career is how I was “raised” to be a young professional by the School of Communication and Chapman University: sending handwritten thank you notes after interviews, speaking up in meetings, putting forward innovative ideas, challenging the status quo, recognizing it’s okay for the status quo to continue, for the time being, networking, volunteering in my community, seeking a life and career that align with my personal values."
photo of Jordan Schmidt '11

Jordan Schmidt '11

Managing Director, Public Relations
Gateway Group
B.A. Communication Studies
"You are the best you. You know what is right for you. Find what you like and do it passionately."
photo of Mona Sleiman ’14 (M.S. ’15)

Mona Sleiman ’14 (M.S. ’15)

Account Manager
B.A. Communication Studies and M.S. in Health and Strategic Communication
“People are everything – we learn from each other, we push each other to grow, and we celebrate together.”
photo of Malia  Studt '19

Malia Studt '19

Company Owner at Social Media Watch
Account Executive/Loan Consultant at Better Financial Services
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"The School of Communication benefited my career as it serves as a crossroad between communications and management, bridging together the strategies that comprise communication theory and organizational theory to enhance company missions and goals."
photo of Kevin Taucher ’13

Kevin Taucher ’13

Director of Global Procurement
Unitas Global
B.A. Communication Studies
"Communication is an interesting discipline, not for its novelty, but for its utility. It’s not a focus that blows your mind very often. More likely what you’ll find is that you refine your understanding of common knowledge and existing skill sets, and there’s a lot of value in that. In fact, relating to people and navigating social situations has been one of the most beneficial skills in my arsenal. It serves me in every aspect of my life, not just business."
photo of Tanya Thomas '09

Tanya Thomas '09

Director of Customer and Employee Experience
Experian Health
B.A. Communication Studies
"My communication degree taught me a lot about communicating and collaborating with different cultures, genders, personality types; how people respond to perceived conflict, what people need to feel inspired for change, etc. This knowledge and skill set have been completely critical to every role I’ve ever had in my field."
photo of Anna Turkisher '18

Anna Turkisher '18

Office Manager at Expa
Commercial Singer
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
"Classes like Mass Communication that brought in working professionals who told their stories, gave advice, and provided direct connections were beneficial during my time at Chapman... I use knowledge from my major every day during my job, whether I realize it or not. Chapman’s classes and experiences shaped me as a working professional today."
photo of Sara Wagner '17

Sara Wagner '17

Deep Learning Institute Training Programs Manager
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication and B.A. Psychology
"My Strategic and Corporate Communication senior seminar class prepared me so well for job hunting, equipping us with interview tips, resume workshops, and knowledge on researching companies before interviewing. Generally, I got experience in marketing, economics, cross-cultural communication, and more. The program was everything in one."
photo of Allyson

Allyson Wadman '17

Public Relations Specialist
MGM Resorts International
B.A. Strategic and Corporate Communication
Allyson manages public relations initiatives for the company’s entertainment portfolio including concerts, residency/production shows, sports events, and nightlife venues.
photo of Tayah Wozniak '22

Tayah Wozniak '22

Assistant Professor of Public Health and Healthcare Administration
Concordia University Irvine
Ph.D. Health Communication
At Concordia University Irvine, Tayah teaches, conducts research, aids administration, is an IRB committee member, and leads specialized programmatic accreditation.
photo of Andrea  Zavala-Zacarias '14

Andrea Zavala-Zacarias '14

School Counselor
Riverside Community College District
B.A. Communication Studies
As a school counselor, Andrea creates curriculum and teaches college courses while designing a school counseling program that improves student outcomes. She leads, advocates, and collaborates with colleagues to promote equity and access for all concurrently enrolled students.
photo of Bryan   Ziebelman '11

Bryan Ziebelman '11

Lead Product Owner
Stats Perform
B.A. Communication Studies
As a lead product owner, Bryan leads successful acquisition and integration of Thuuz Sports by Stats Perform, manages all US product owners at Stats Perform, and builds and maintains roadmaps for AI and CV data and video product lines.

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