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» Education Specialist Credentials and Master of Arts in Special Education

Fall 2021 Priority Application Deadline:
February 1, 2021

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The goal of the Master of Arts in Special Education and Education Specialist (Special Education) programs is to develop highly competent, informed, and collaborative professionals. These programs will give students the tools to build inclusive communities of families and colleagues. Students learn to be effective communicators, informed decision-makers, advocates for students, scholars, mediators, leaders, and change agents.

Chapman University has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to offer special education credential programs (i.e., Education Specialist Preliminary Credential Programs) in the areas of mild/moderate, moderate/severe, and a joint multiple subject and mild/moderate credential. The Education Specialist Programs prepare candidates to serve as special education teachers in K-12 public schools in inclusive, learning centers, and when necessary, special day class settings.


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Chapman student Stephanie Weinfeld smiling

Alumni Spotlight

"Every professor that I have had in the Special Education Program has been extremely influential and amazing. Coming from doing my undergrad at a state school with huge classes, it was so refreshing to have personal relationships with each and every professor that I’ve had here at Chapman.”

– Stephanie Weinfeld '19

Chapman student Gerard Santos smiling

"The most powerful lessons I took from Chapman came not just from the meaningful discussions on conceptual frameworks and ideals of social advocacy, but from the passionate and brilliant professors who taught me how to apply these ideals in a classroom so I can empower students of all skill levels, cultures, and disabilities."

– Gerard Santos '17