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The TPI Transition Initiative Steering Committee has spent nearly 2 years developing this website. The purpose is to provide transition planning & employment related information & resources to stakeholders including: Individuals with Disabilities, Families, Service Providers, Educators and Business Partners. This is an ongoing effort to ensure that stakeholders have access to up-to-date and quality articles, training information, tools, documents and resource contacts. This website will be updated on a monthly basis and as new information is acquired.

To promote and support successful transition to employment, independent living and quality life for individuals with disabilities, including those with significant disabilities, website users are encouraged to explore all TPI Transition Initiative Website sections and topics.

To submit photos to the Transition CA site, please complete this photo consent form and email both to our office.

Stakeholder sections:

  • Individuals with Disabilities: Materials in this section include specifics related to various disability classifications, self-determination, and competitive integrated employment.
  • Families: Information specific to parents & family members, including a variety of resources to assist with the transition planning and employment process is available.
  • Service Providers: Materials relative to disability-related service provision are included in this section.
  • Educators: Resource materials and best practice documents are provided in this section from various educational agencies throughout California and the US.
  • Business Partners: Employment-related reference materials and disability resources specific to workplace diversity are included.

In addition, disability-specific topics are organized by the following subjects:

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OC Service Providers National Transition Websites OC High Schools and Transition Services

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