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The lists of courses that can be counted toward your GE Program are found here.

Remember, some IES courses can double count toward GE program requirements (up to 3 courses between major programs and GE requirements, 2 courses with minor program and GE requirements.) Check the GE areas of inquiry lists at the link above to see if a class that you will take in IES will also fulfill a GE requirement.

General Information Regarding Registration

If you would like to review your program evaluation in preparation for the upcoming registration period, you can schedule a meeting with an Attallah College Peer Advisor (P.A.). If possible, please schedule appointments at least 24 hours in advance so that the Peer Advising Team can gather the appropriate resources needed to best assist you.

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General Degree Requirements

  • 120 credits TOTAL are needed to graduate (124 credits for catalog years 2015 and earlier). Check the “Undergraduate Degree Requirements” section on your program evaluation to confirm.
  • 42 credits of the total credit count must be 300-level or above. Check the “Upper Division” section near the top of your program evaluation in the myChapman portal to confirm.
    Juniors (especially Community Emphasis IES majors) Please be aware of the number of Upper Division credits you need to take to graduate, and plan accordingly.
  • Check your major requirements to see if you must complete 60 credits outside your major’s discipline (ie. if you are an IES major, you must complete 60 credits outside of IES, MACI, and EDUC course codes). Please check the “Other Major Requirements Section” as some majors do not have this.

Minors, Emphases, & Community Focus Areas Information

If you are an IES Major about to reach 60 credits, and you have not done so already, you must declare an emphasis and a minor/2nd minor with the Office of the Registrar by April 2, 2020 (submit forms for signature electronically to Kelly McCuen,, by Tuesday, March 31). You request to declare your emphasis by submitting the change of Major/Minor Form for your catalog year found on the Registrar’s webpage.

Additionally, if you are declaring a minor, please use the same change of major/minor form to submit your request to the appropriate person in the department in which the minor is housed.

Attallah College affiliated minors declaration request should be submitted electronically to Kelly McCuen,

  • Two minors are required for IES majors with a Schools Emphasis with a 2018 or earlier catalog year.
  • The Leadership Studies (LEAD) Minor requires an application process. If you are considering applying to the LEAD Minor and would like more information, please contact Mark Maier at
  • For Community Emphasis Folks, your chosen focus area should not overlap with any double major or minor program you might have (i.e. LEAD minors cannot choose the LEAD F.A., English & Communication majors cannot choose the English and Comm. F.A.)

Students with Freshman or Sophomore standing (less than 60 credits completed by the end of spring semester) will NOT have the prerequisites to enroll in 300 or 400-level IES courses.

  • Consideration of issuing a permission number for a class you do not have the requisites for will commence after the registration period has ended.
  • For students who will be sophomore standing in the fall and have not yet declared a minor, we suggest you take an introductory course in a discipline that you may be interested in declaring as your minor if you are having trouble filling your schedule with IES classes at the 100 and 200 level. Remember, you must be enrolled in 12 credits of coursework (4 courses) to be considered full time. Taking at least 5 classes per semester by sophomore year is generally recommended.
  • The vast majority of prereqs. count in-progress credit, unless a grade is required for a prerequisite course.

MACI Information

  • Current MACI applicants: You should be given your acceptance decision to the program before the April 2, 2020 deadline. You will receive instructions on declaring the Curriculum & Instruction Emphasis, as well as moving your catalog year to 2019-2020, if you are an elementary track student. Those on the secondary track should declare the Secondary Education minor if they have not already done so.
  • MACI Prospectives: For students thinking about applying to MACI, taking IES 206 in the fall should be a priority. Ideally, you’ve completed or are currently enrolled in IES 102, which is the prerequisite for IES 206. Both IES 102 and IES 206 should be graded prior to applying for MACI in January of your Sophomore Year.
  • Important Information Regarding Registration
  • Please be Advised: There will be no permission numbers issued to students to enroll in or waitlist courses for which they do not hold the requisites. Consideration of issuing a permission number for a class you do not have the requisites for will commence after the registration period has ended.

    Change of major/minor forms will NOT be accepted or signed by the IES department after the  Office of the Registrar’s deadline of April 2, 2020. If you have a form to turn in for processing, and you have missed the deadline, you may do so after the registration period has closed.

    If you have questions regarding general education, please call the Office of Academic Advising at (714) 744-7959. You can specifically search for courses that fulfill GE requirements in the myChapman portal. (There is a dropdown menu near the bottom of the search page where you can specify GE criteria in your search.

    If you have registration questions, you should email 

    If after you have reviewed your program evaluation, you still have questions, you should email your assigned Academic Program Specials (APS) below and copy

    Academic Program Specialists (APS) UG Assignments* 
    (as of 03/12/2020)

    A-C: Michael Appell,
    D-F: Jonathan Charres,
    G-J: Beth Santiago,
    K-L: Valerie Nordrum,
    M-P: Farrah Javadi, 
    Q-T: Shana Quesada,
    U-Z: Julie DeLeon,

    * Note that the alphabetic assignments change every term so this contact information is only accurate through summer 2020.

More Information

Kelly McCuen
Administrative Coordinator
(714) 997-6788

IES major and Attallah College minors  
Undergraduate Curriculum and Instruction Years