» Paulo Freire Democratic Project Contacts

The Paulo Freire Democratic Project is committed to the development of resources that can assist individuals, groups and collectives in their various efforts to improve schools and communities and strengthen the democratic practices of state and federal governments.

For further information on the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, please contact Dr. Suzanne SooHoo at (714) 532-6024 or soohoo@chapman.edu

photo of Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Dr. Suzanne SooHoo
Co-Director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project; Hassinger Chair of Culture, Community, and Collaboration
photo of Dr. Peter McLaren
Dr. Peter McLaren
Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies; Co-Director of the Paulo Freire Democratic Project
photo of Dr. Anaida Colon-Muniz
Dr. Anaida Colon-Muniz
Professor of Scholarly Practice
photo of Dr. Lilia Monzo
Dr. Lilia D. Monzo
Associate Professor
photo of Jorge Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez
photo of Dr. Cathery Yeh
Dr. Cathery Yeh
Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Miguel Zavala
Dr. Miguel Zavala
Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Thomas Wilson
Dr. Thomas C. Wilson
Paulo Freire Democratic Project
Tom Wilson came to Chapman University in 1992 to direct the Masters of Art in Education program. Currently, Dr. Wilson guides the Paulo Freire Democratic Project and has lectured and conducted workshops in the US as well as Canada, England, Poland, Russia, and Scotland. His lectures focus on themes of democratic education, organizational behavior, educational ethics, moral education, critical pedagogy, and social justice. He has made more than 100 presentations at various academic conferences and similar venues.