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The CalEPIC network builds the capacity of California’s diverse, well-prepared, and thriving educators to support equity, inclusivity, and the whole child. It is our mission to work in trusted partnerships to design, develop, and deliver innovative supports for educator preparation programs that prepare a diverse and thriving teaching workforce that focuses on children who have often been traditionally underserved in schools, including students with disabilities, those who are Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, as well as those experiencing poverty. CalEPIC strives to increase equitable access and opportunities that result in critical learning, equity, justice, and wellness outcomes for each student by:

  • Strengthening the relationship between EPPs and LEAs to support pre-service and new teachers, improving teacher retention, and encouraging current EPP faculty professional learning in an effort to increase equity and access to high quality general education classrooms for all students.
  • Supporting Educator Preparation Programs in developing rigorous and relevant programming that supports meeting the needs of traditionally marginalized students, with a focus on continuous improvement cycles, and sustainability features such as stakeholder collaboration and buy-in, and financial sustainability. 
  • Developing a strong and diverse educator workforce by improving teacher development from initial training, through beginning teacher support along with increasing the capacity of all teachers in schools so they are optimally prepared to provide the highest quality education to ALL children with specific focus on those children who have often been traditionally underserved including students who are Black, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and those in poverty, as well as students with disabilities.
  • Preparing teachers to create and sustain school environments where teachers and students thrive with a particularly focus on inclusion of students with disabilities, anti-racist practices, social-emotional learning and culturally and linguistically relevant teaching.
  • Preparing teachers to support the growth of their students’ social emotional competencies as well as their own health and wellness.

The development of CalEPIC is made possible with the generous support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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A Funding Guide to More Diverse Schools in California 2022-23


Funding guide coverDrs. Charlotte Achieng Evensen and Kevin Nguyen-Stockbridge of TPI's California Educator Innovation Preparation Collaborative (CalEPIC) contributed to the development of “A Funding Guide to More Diverse Schools in California 2022-2023.” Dr. Kai Monet Mathews, Research Director of The California Educator Diversity Project at the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools, led the publication with contributions from partner members of the California Coalition for Educator Diversity. This resource aids institutes of higher education (teachers, candidates, etc) and local educational agencies (schools, districts, county offices, etc.) in navigating the state funding opportunities for supporting a strong and diverse teacher workforce. We ask that you please share this public resource with others.


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Meghan Cosier, Ph.D.

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Audri Sandoval Gomez, Ph.D.

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Charlotte Achieng Evensen, Ph.D.

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Debra Russell, M.A.

Regional Transformation Specialist for Strategic Staffing
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Taylor Stratz, M.A.

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