» Donna Ford Attallah College of Educational Studies Staff

photo of Kathy Arballo
Kathy Arballo
Operations Administrator
(714) 744-7883
photo of Mayté  Avilés, M.S.
Mayté Avilés, M.S.
Administrative Assistant, Ph.D. Program
(714) 628-7229
photo of Cheryl Baltes, M.A.
Cheryl Baltes, M.A.
Communications Specialist
(714) 997-6789
photo of Robin Blauvelt, M.A.
Robin Blauvelt, M.A.
Fieldwork Administrator
(714) 628-7267
photo of Laura Burns, M.A.
Laura Burns, M.A.
Admission Specialist
(714) 628-7263
photo of Michelle Hall, Ph.D.
Michelle Hall, Ph.D.
Director of Program Assessment and Improvement
(714) 516-5997
photo of Erzsebet Heim, B.A.
Erzsebet Heim, B.A.
Development Coordinator
(714) 628-2740
photo of LaNesha Kemp
LaNesha Kemp
Department Assistant
(714) 744-2150
photo of Hilary Leath, B.A.
Hilary Leath, B.A.
Administrative Assistant, School Counseling and School Psychology Programs
(714) 744-2142
no photo available for Svetlana Levonisova, Ed.D.
Svetlana Levonisova, Ed.D.
Assessment Coordinator
(714) 532-6067
photo of Maria Lynch, B.A.
Maria Lynch, B.A.
Credential Specialist
(714) 628-2735
photo of Kelly McCuen
Kelly McCuen
Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Programs
(714) 997-6788
photo of Zac Nguyen
Zac Nguyen
Administrative Assistant
(714) 289-3107
photo of Carol Roughton, B.A.
Carol Roughton, B.A.
Reading Center Director
(714) 997-6613
photo of Terri Swanson, B.B.A., B.S.
Terri Swanson, B.B.A., B.S.
Administrative Assistant
(714) 744-2125
photo of Dominic Trinh, M.A., M.A.S.
Dominic Trinh, M.A., M.A.S.
Senior Administrative Assistant to Dean
(714) 516-5980

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