» Staff for Attallah College of Education

Contact information is listed below for staff within the Donna Ford Attallah College of Educational Studies at Chapman University.

photo of Kathy Arballo

Kathy Arballo

Director of Administrative Operations
(714) 744-7883
photo of Hilary Anderson, M.A.

Hilary Anderson, M.A.

Administrative Coordinator, School Counseling and School Psychology Programs
(714) 744-2142
photo of Cheryl Baltes, M.A.

Cheryl Baltes, M.A.

Communications and Enrollment Manager
(714) 997-6789
photo of Laura Burns, Ph.D.

Laura Burns, Ph.D.

Administrative Coordinator, MLD and External Affairs
(714) 628-7263
photo of Leslie Fierro

Leslie Fierro

Administrative Coordinator, Ph.D. in Education Program
photo of Maggie Gallardo, M.A.

Maggie Gallardo, M.A.

Director, Kathleen Muth Reading Center
photo of Audri M. Gomez, Ph.D.

Audri M. Gomez, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Thompson Policy Institute
photo of Zac Graycen

Zac Graycen

Administrative Coordinator, Teacher Education Programs
(714) 289-3107
photo of Michelle Hall, Ph.D.

Michelle Hall, Ph.D.

Director of Accreditation and Assessment
(714) 516-5997
photo of Laurie Hansen, Ph.D.

Laurie Hansen, Ph.D.

Fieldwork and Assessment Manager
photo of Erzsebet Heim, B.A.

Erzsebet Heim, B.A.

Development Coordinator
(714) 628-2740
photo of Jennifer James, Ph.D.

Jennifer James, Ph.D.

Office Manager and Special Projects Manager, Thompson Policy Institute
photo of LaNesha Kemp, B.S.

LaNesha Kemp, B.S.

Administrative Coordinator
(714) 744-2150
no photo available for Svetlana Levonisova, Ed.D.

Svetlana Levonisova, Ed.D.

Assessment Coordinator
(714) 532-6067
photo of Kelly McCuen

Kelly McCuen

Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs
(714) 997-6788
no photo available for Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen

Grants & Contracts Coordinator, Thompson Policy Institute
(714) 997-6781
photo of Terri Swanson, B.B.A., B.S.

Terri Swanson, B.B.A., B.S.

Administrative Coordinator
(714) 744-2125
photo of Dominic Trinh, M.A., M.A.S.

Dominic Trinh, M.A., M.A.S.

Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean
(714) 516-5980
photo of Robin Wolfe, M.A.

Robin Wolfe, M.A.

Credential Specialist
(714) 628-7267

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Visit the Attallah College Faculty page to find a listing of our full-time and adjunct faculty.