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Don Cardinal Presenting at the DisAbility Summit

Briefs for the general public about TPI's research and policy work. The research briefs often correspond with presentations at the annual DisAbility Summit

Dr. Miles Nash Presenting at DisAbility Summit





Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D. & Angel Miles Nash, Ph.D. Making Stem Education Inclusive: Opening Doors to Engage Girls and Women with Disabilities, 2019



Dr. Amy Jane Griffiths presenting at the DisAbility Summit





Amy-Jane Griffiths, Ph.D., Meghan Cosier, Ph.D., & Sara Morgan, M.A.ED. Using Labor Market Projections for Successful Transition Planning, 2019.



Dr. Audri Gomez presenting at the DisAbility Summit





Meghan Cosier, Ph.D., Don Cardinal, Ph.D., & Audri Gomez, Ph.D. The State of Inclusion and Exclusion of Students with Disabilities in California School Districts, 2019.