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The personalized education Chapman offers enables each student to pursue a uniquely designed academic path and to be part of an engaged campus. Interdisciplinary minors allow our students to learn about other areas of interest that add value to their primary educational focus. Throughout all its programs of study, Attallah College strives to develop well-rounded, ethical leaders and educators, both in the classroom and in the community.

Integrated Educational Studies

Open to all majors outside of IES*
The Integrated Educational Studies (IES) minor is designed for students to gain general expertise in the theoretical, structural, psychological, and sociocultural aspects of education both in formal and informal educational settings. Students who intend to teach at the secondary level are encouraged to pursue the Secondary Education minor, which is specifically tailored to their preparation.

Language and Literacy

Open to all majors, outside of English*
The Language and Literacy (LALI) minor explores current theory and practice related to literature, writing, rhetoric, and linguistics using a culturally responsive lens. Students gain a fundamental understanding for a career that includes teaching English at the elementary or middle school levels or intensive writing in English in a community education setting. Future high school English teachers who are IES majors in the Schools Emphasis are strongly encouraged to choose English as a second major, rather than choosing the Language and Literacy Minor.

Leadership Studies (LEAD)

Open to all majors*
The interdisciplinary Leadership Studies (LEAD) minor provides education for and about leadership, stressing hands-on skill development using a values-based approach. The curriculum blends classroom learning and theory with experiential exercises and active learning approaches incorporating self-assessments, small and large group discussions, weekend retreats, simulations, case studies, community service, civic engagement, and fieldwork. A separate application is required for this minor.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education

Open to all majors, except those in Schmid College*
The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education minor prepares students with a breadth of STEM courses in order to provide a foundation for future careers in education and related STEM fields.

Secondary Education

Open to all majors outside of IES*
The Secondary Education (SEED) minor is designed for majors in content subject areas, such as mathematics, science, English or another language, and history/social science, which are typically taught in secondary schools (grades 6-12). Students pursuing the Secondary Education minor must be enrolled in a major outside of Integrated Educational Studies (IES).

* Note that course requirements are subject to change. For full details, consult your undergraduate catalog year.