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» 4+1 MACI Program

Accelerated Five-Year Bachelor’s plus MA in Curriculum and Instruction (MACI)

Application deadline: January 15, 2019 for a Spring 2020 start

Addressing the national demand for teachers who are culturally competent and knowledgeable in their content instruction, the Attallah College faculty has developed an innovative, accelerated 4+1 (five-year) Bachelor's plus Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (MACI) degree program.

The MACI program aims to develop transformative K-12 classroom educators who are highly skilled in instruction, technologically savvy, and knowledgeable in pedagogical theory, responding to our shared call to serve all students in today's schools. MACI is designed for students who wish to obtain their bachelor's degree, master's degree, and California teaching credential in five years of full-time study. Students admitted to the program pursue their B.A. degree in Integrated Educational Studies or their B.S./B.A./B.F.A. degree in one of the four secondary "core content" areas of English, mathematics, history/social science, or the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, or environmental science) and a minor in Secondary Education.

The MACI program is open only to Chapman undergraduates who meet rigorous program admission criteria. Students apply to the program in January of their sophomore year at Chapman and, if accepted, begin MACI coursework in their junior year. Students complete their bachelor's degree requirements by the end of their fourth year and spend their fifth year in residence at local elementary and secondary schools, with concurrent master's level (500-600) MACI courses conducted at the school sites as well as at the university.

MACI Course Sequence

Credential Requirements for MACI, 2017-18

For more information, visit the Graduate Catalog.

+ - Program Faculty & Staff

+ - Frequently Asked Questions

When are classes held?

Classes are held between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Where is Chapman University located?

Chapman University is located in the City of Orange, California. 

Where can I mail my supporting documents?

Chapman University
Office of Graduate Admission
One University Dr.
Orange, CA 92866

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Your letters of recommendation will be submitted electronically through the online application. On the left-hand side of the online application you will be asked to input the name and email address of your recommenders. They will receive an email with information on submitting your letter of recommendation electronically. We do not accept written letters of recommendation directly from the student.

What if I have a question about an admission decision?

1. Any applicant who wishes to inquire about or to appeal an admission decision made by the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction program at the Attallah College of Educational Studies may contact the program administrative assistant in writing at If the student wishes to submit a formal written grievance, this must be received by within 10 days of admissions decision. Once the written grievance has been received, it will be forwarded to the program coordinator, who will review documentation with the admissions committee and respond in writing to the candidate.

2. If the student wishes to further grieve the response they may do so in writing to within 10 days of grievance response. At this point, the applicant's file (including candidate’s application package and review scores) will be forwarded to the program coordinator and a meeting will be arranged with the applicant to review applicant documents and program decision.

3. Should the applicant desire to file a formal grievance, a written appeal should be sent within five working days to the Associate Dean of Graduate Programs. The Associate Dean will confer with the applicant and meet with the program coordinator and faculty if appropriate. Within 10 business days of meeting with the Associate Dean, the applicant will receive a formal written statement indicating the decision of the college.

How do I receive more information?

The Attallah College of Educational Studies offers monthly graduate information sessions. These sessions are great opportunities to obtain further information about the program and meet with the program coordinator.

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To request further information about Chapman University's Graduate Programs, please complete the form at the link below so that the Office of Graduate Admission can send you more information about life as a Panther.

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+ - Program and Graduation Requirements

  • State of CA Certificate of Clearance: Must possess for fieldwork
  • Negative TB Test Verification: Must possess for fieldwork
  • U.S. Constitution Status: Must be satisfied prior to EDUC 583
  • CPR (Infant, Child, & Adult) certification: Must be obtained prior to credential application at end of program
  • CBEST: Must pass before enrolling in Student Teaching (EDUC 583)
  • CSET: Must pass before enrolling in Student Teaching (EDUC 583)
  • Students who possess a valid State of California Credential (e.g., Substitute Teaching, Pupil Personnel Services) may submit a copy of their credential in lieu of a CA Certificate of Clearance.


Summer Semester

  • MACI 631: Differentiation in Academically Diverse K-12 Classrooms (3 credits)
  • EDUC 571: Collaboration for Inclusive Schooling (3 credits)
  • Obtain CA Certificate of Clearance or Sub Permit by August 1 of Year 5

Fall Semester

  • MACI 582: Elementary Teaching Residency (3 credits)


  • MACI 583: Secondary Teaching Residency (3 credits)
  • MACI 600: Professional Seminar (4 credits)
  • EDUC 550: Evaluating Teaching Performance Expectations (1 credit)


  • MACI 582: Elementary Teaching Residency (3 credits)


  • MACI 583: Secondary Teaching Residency (3 credits)

Spring Semester

  • MACI 582: Elementary Teaching Residency (3 credits)


  • MACI 583: Secondary Teaching Residency (3 credits)
  • MACI 600: Professional Seminar (4 credits)

Summer Semester

  • MACI 583: Teacher Residency (3 credits)
  • MACI 575: Critical Analysis of Educational Practice
  • Demonstration of Mastery

MACI Testimonials

Junior IES major Maggie Gallardo

Maggie Gallardo

"I am a junior IES major. I'm almost finished with my first semester of MACI classes, and I am really enjoying the program. The classes are student-centered, and the instructors challenge me to think critically about teaching methods and pedagogy. My cohort and I have started putting theory into practice by teaching mini-lessons at California Elementary and Yorba Middle."


MACI Cohort 1 Jenna Dietrich

Jenna Dietrich

"The MACI program has been a great way for me to learn different teaching strategies and how to apply them in the classroom. We learn so much from our experiences in our classes as well as those that we observe. I am so thankful for the connections I am making with my cohort and faculty members, and for the knowledge I am gaining in order to be the best teacher that I can be!"

More Information
(714) 997-6781

Kelly McCuen
Administrative Assistant 
MACI Undergraduate

Zac Nguyen
Administrative Assistant
MACI Graduate Year