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The Attallah College of Educational Studies hosts numerous public events throughout the year including lectures, panel discussions, community events, student showcases, conferences, and more.

Women's Leadership Forum

Attendees at Women's Leadership ForumThe Women’s Leadership Forum welcomes people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to come find inspiration and gather strength from women in leadership positions throughout California.

The forum includes keynote speakers, a panel discussion with Q&A, and breakout sessions with field leaders. Networking opportunities will be available and encouraged!


Education and Ethnic Studies Summit

Student display at Ethnic Studies SummitEthnic Studies looks at the intersections of the many forms of oppression and identities, not just race. Attallah College’s annual summit is a nonpartisan event designed to help shape the understanding and development of Ethnic Studies programs at Chapman University and beyond. The goal is to foster a dialogue and inform the public on the purpose and goal of Ethnic Studies. The summit gathers local and national leaders in education and other key stakeholders, including students, parents, and community leaders.


TPI's Summit on DisAbility and Inclusion

TPI's 2017 DisAbility SummitThe Thompson Policy Institute (TPI) on Disability and Autism hosts an annual summit to present its research that results in policy recommendations to decision makers at the local, state, and eventually national levels.


Attallah College student decorated commencement capsCommencement

In addition to university-wide events and celebrations, Attallah College hosts program-specific honors receptions and ceremonies.


Scholarship and Endowed Fellowship Luncheon

Donna Ford Attallah at Scholarship receptionEach year, Attallah College holds an annual luncheon where undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. scholarship and fellowship recipients are recognized. The luncheon also gives donors the opportunity to meet their student recipients and hear their stories.

Read about the students and community partners who received awards and fellowships in fall 2018.


AERA Annual Meeting

Peter McLaren at AERA receptionDue to ongoing COVID-19 health concerns, the AERA Annual Meeting will be virtual in 2021. Attallah College will host its annual reception for doctoral students, scholars, and international partners at the next in-person annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the premiere national research society.

See our Attallah AERA webpage for a complete list of Attallah faculty, student, and alumni 2021 AERA presentations.


Education Roundtable on Excellent Schools

Roundtable 2017 attendeesAlthough structures and approaches to K-12 schooling may be widely debated, one goal unites us all: we are committed to serving all students. Each year, Attallah College hosts a collaborative event where members of the community have an opportunity to become agents of change. The event includes a reception as well as a panel and roundtable discussions with leaders in education.