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photo of Dr. Roxanne Greitz Miller

Dr. Roxanne Greitz Miller

Interim Dean
Dr. Miller was appointed Interim Dean in 2020. She is also Chapman's Vice Provost for Graduate Education and holds the Donna Ford Attallah Endowed Professorship in Teacher Education.
photo of Dr. Keith Howard

Dr. Keith Howard

Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Academic Affairs, and Director of Ph.D. in Education Program
Dr. Howard is responsible for the administration of the Attallah College graduate programs, and he primarily teaches in the Ph.D. in Education program.
photo of Dr. Michelle Samura

Dr. Michelle Samura

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and External Affairs
Dr. Samura is responsible for the administration of the Attallah College undergraduate programs, and she primarily teaches in the Integrated Educational Studies (IES) program. She is also the founding co-director of the Collaborate Initiative.
photo of Dr. Scot Danforth

Dr. Scot Danforth

Assistant Dean for Research
Dr. Danforth oversees faculty and student research and research grant initiatives at Attallah College.
photo of Dr. Michelle  Hall

Dr. Michelle Hall

Director of Accreditation and Assessment
Dr. Hall is responsible for the oversight and management of Attallah College’s program improvement system, which entails all accreditation site visits and associated documents and reports.
photo of Dr. Kelly Kennedy

Dr. Kelly Kennedy

Director of School Counseling and School Psychology Programs
Dr. Kelly Kennedy oversees for the Attallah College school counseling and school psychology graduate programs. She also works with students in the Ph.D. in Education program as a mentor and dissertation committee member and chair.
photo of Dr. Trisha Sugita

Dr. Trisha Sugita

Director of Teacher Education Programs
Dr. Trisha Sugita oversees for the Attallah College teacher education graduate programs.
photo of Kathy  Arballo

Kathy Arballo

Director of Administrative Operations
Kathy Arballo oversees the day-to-day administrative and financial operations of the college.