headshot photo of Dr. Scot Danforth

Dr. Scot Danforth

Professor, Assistant Dean of Research
Attallah College of Educational Studies
Expertise: Inclusive Education; Disability Studies; History of Education; Philosophy of Education
Office Location: Reeves Hall 110-B
Scholarly Works:
Digital Commons
The College of William and Mary, Bachelor of Arts
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Master of Education
University of South Florida, Ph.D.


Scot Danforth is a well-known scholar working in the fields of disability studies in education and inclusive education. He is author or editor of more than 70 publications, including 10 books. His scholarship examines political and ethical issues involving disabled young people and schooling. His goal is to foster the development of democratic schools and communities that are accepting, supportive, and caring to all persons.

Professor Danforth’s scholarship is inter- and multi-disciplinary, engaging the disciplines of philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, and education. His publications reach a wide variety of audiences, including public school teachers, parents, policymakers, and researchers in numerous fields of study.

He was cofounder of the Disability Studies in Education Special Interest Group of the AERA (American Education Research Association). He is coeditor of two book series with Peter Lang Publishing: Disability Studies in Education and Inclusive Education and Teacher Education. For six years, he served as coeditor of Disability Studies Quarterly, the official journal of the Society of Disability Studies. He received the Senior Scholar award at the 2014 Second City Disability Studies in Education Conference. Prior to becoming a university researcher and instructor, Professor Danforth was a special education teacher for six years in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. 

(Some of the following publications are available at https://chapman.academia.edu/ScotDanforth)

Recent Creative, Scholarly Work and Publications

Danforth, S. & Connor, D. (2020) Considering Inclusive Education through the Independent Living Movement: Lessons for Improvement?, The Educational Forum.DOI: 10.1080/00131725.2020.1798705
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