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California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling (CAIS)
Active Education Webinars For California Teacher Candidates

School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought about virtual classrooms throughout California for both K-12 and higher education. This has created a challenge for teachers-in-training (candidates) to complete the necessary clinical practice hours and observations to meet the requirements for both student teaching and residency models.

The California Alliance for Inclusive Schooling (CAIS), in collaboration with the Orange County Department of Education and with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Thompson Policy Institute on Disability at Chapman University, is offering a statewide webinar series with topics addressing the areas identified below. Each topic is presented at various depth levels for teacher candidates. Mentor teachers, university/college supervisors, and university/college faculty at Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and Institutions of Higher Education are also welcome to attend and participate. The webinars are designed for candidates in all preliminary teacher preparation programs—Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and Education Specialist candidates.

Current Webinar Topics:

• Positive Behavior Supports • CA Teaching Performance Assessment
• Culturally Responsive Teaching • Secondary Transition
• Universal Design for Learning • Differentiated Instruction
• Multi-Tiered System of Support • Behavior Intervention Plans
• Co-Teaching • Evidence-based Literacy Practices

Delivery Model:

  • Content is delivered by an established expert in the field with online teaching
  • Length of each webinar is approximately 60 - 120 minutes.
  • Teacher candidates may attend the webinar synchronously or the candidate could access the webinar later.
  • Each session includes suggestions for additional extension activities for teacher candidates to complete in collaboration with mentor teachers, the university supervisor, or other experienced educators upon approval from the candidate’s respective preparation program.

What are Active Webinars?

In addition to traditional live webinars with a sidebar chat moderator, the Active Webinars include experienced content coaches to facilitate professional learning communities. The Active Webinars also include ideas for extension activities that teacher candidates can complete with an experienced educator.

For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

Cost to Participants:

Currently there is no cost to the active webinar participants. We thank the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Thompson Family Foundation, through the Thompson Policy Institute, for their moral and financial support during this difficult time.

Webinar Partners:

See Below
: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Language and Alignment with Webinar Design for Completing Required Student Teaching Hours

CAIS Active Education Webinar Series: 

Register for webinar(s) that best fit your needs. Priority registration is given to teacher candidates and university supervisors. Questions related to registration can be directed to MGharib@ocde.us. Questions that are not answered after reading our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, can be directed to tpi@chapman.edu. Please check back frequently for changes and additional webinar topics. 

The CalTPA, CA MTSS, and What the Heck is UDL webinars will be available for viewing a few hours after the conclusion of the webinar. The Differentiating Instruction webinars will not be available for viewing after the live webinar. To accommodate more participants, we have added two additional Differentiating Instruction webinars. The Padlets for all webinars will be accessible online.

Live and recorded webinars will have closed captioning. Please email tpi@chapman.edu for additional accomodations. 

Webinar Topic Presenter Date Time


Differentiating Instruction for P-3 Learners* (see below) Rich Villa &   Jacqueline Thousand Tuesday, April 21 10:30-11:30 / Breakout 11:30-12:30 Filled-Recording not available DI for P-3 Padlet
CalTPA Guidance for Candidates and Programs during COVID-19 Amy Reising, Wayne Bacer, Gay Roby, James Webb Wednesday, April 22 1:00-3:00 View CalTPA Padlet
Differentiating Instruction for P-3 Learners* (see below) Rich Villa & Jacqueline Thousand Tuesday, April 28 10:30-12:30 Filled-recording will not be available DI for P-3 Padlet
Differentiating Instruction for 4th-12th Learners* (see below) Rich Villa &   Jacqueline Thousand Thursday, April 30 10:30-12:30 Filled-recording will not be available (see added webinars below) DI for 4-12 Padlet

CA MTSS - Meeting the Needs of the Whole Child

Rhonda Marriott, OCDE Monday,  May 4 10:00-11:00 View CA MTSS Padlet
What the Heck is UDL? Kevin Schaefer & Kristin Brooks, SIP Thursday, May 14 10:00-12:00


UDL Padlet
Differentiatinng Instruction for 4th-12th Learners* (see below) Rich Villa & Jacqueline Thousand Thursday, May 21 10:30-12:30

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DI for 4-12 Padlet
Collaborating with Students in Instruction (See below for description) Rich Villa & Jacqueline Thousand Tuesday, June 16 10:00-12:30

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 *Please note: "Differentiating Instruction for P-3 Learners" and "Differentiating Instruction for
4th-12th Learners" cover similar content, but include examples for specific focus grade levels.
This series of webinars will not be available for on-demand viewing after the webinar. 

Invitation to Provide Feedback on Webinars:

In order to improve future offerings through California Alliance for Inclusive Schools (CAIS) in collaboration with our county and state partners, if you participated in any of the webinars we would like to interview you! The purpose of the interview is to gain insight and feedback regarding your thoughts on the webinars and recommendations for webinars or other supports in the future. The interview should last approximately 15 minutes and will be conducted using Zoom audio (the video feature on Zoom will not be used). If you are interested, please email tpi@chapman.edu

Participating in the interview is voluntary. Participating in the interview means that (1) you have read and understand the Active Education Webinar Study consent form, (2) you have decided to be in the research study. You may print out a copy of the consent form to keep.

New Webinar! 

Title: Collaborating with Students in Instruction: Harnessing the Power of the Untapped Resource in Live Face-to-Face, Virtual, and Blended Learning Environments 

Description: How can you meet the needs of a diverse student population in mixed-ability learning environments and maintain a cooperative, caring and active learning environment? Students are the perfect resource. This interactive webinar offers practical strategies for involving students in instruction through peer tutoring, cooperative learning groups, and as co-teachers with their adult instructors. This webinar will not be recorded. 

Date: June 16, 2020 

Time: 10am - 12:30pm


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) Language and
Alignment with Webinar Design for
Completing Required Student
Teaching Hours:

Commission Guidance Language Options for Completion Outside of the Physical K-12 Classroom Due to School Closure Recording Hours and Evidence
Co-planning time, with veteran practitioners for lessons that the candidate will deliver. Webinars offer candidates the opportunity to co-plan and meet with veteran educators and to connect with peers to co-plan and collaborate. The extension activities offer opportunities for teacher candidates to continue developing skills beyond the webinar and breakout room. Keep a detailed record of hours met and the tasks completed during the meetings.
Working with veteran practitioners, grading and analyzing student work, reflecting on lessons, and planning for the needs of individual students The webinars offer the opportunity for teacher candidates to discuss grading practices, analyze student work samples, reflect on lessons, and plan collaboratively to meet the individual needs of students. Extension activities include ideas for candidates to work with mentor teachers, university supervisors, or other experienced educators virtually using videos, past student work (possibly provided by mentor teachers), IRIS modules, Teaching Channel, Edutopia, Edutube. Keep a detailed record of hours, all interaction, materials and videos viewed, and all tasks documented. This should be shared with your Mentor Teachers, University Supervisors, or an approved experienced educator.
Time working with professional learning communities, grade level and department meetings The webinars offer teacher candidates the opportunity to accrue hours working in professional learning communities along with other educators across the state. Record hours and tasks completed. This should be shared with your Mentor Teachers, University Supervisor and others as directed.