Chapman MLD Students at a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game.
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» Chapman University’s Leadership Studies Minor

MLD studentsThe leadership studies minor at Chapman University aspires to exemplify the institution’s commitment to "Building character, transforming lives." The leadership training program offers a unique opportunity for Chapman students to enhance their understanding and practice of leadership, emphasizing not only preparation for work, but education for life. By blending classroom learning and theory with hands-on experiential exercises and field trips, students have ample opportunities to apply their leadership skills in real-world situations.

Our innovative faculty are dedicated to bringing out the best in their students, inspiring profound and lasting learning and creating a genuine spirit of community which pervades the program. The leadership minor is a perfect fit for students seeking a practical and relevant complement to their chosen major while fulfilling numerous general education (GE) objectives. It is particularly appropriate for students motivated to make a positive difference in those around them through their lives and work. Students who share a desire and passion to learn, to lead, to serve.

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Student Testimonial

LEAD student Tony Vallejo

"The classes, the material, the content all reinforce a sense of competence, confidence and congeniality. The courses are about learning, not memorization. What you learn in LEAD sticks with you. You take something significant out of every class.”

TONY VALLEJO (Psychology, '17)

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