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MLD studentsThe leadership studies minor at Chapman University aspires to exemplify the institution’s commitment to "Building character; transforming lives." The leadership training program offers a unique opportunity for Chapman students to enhance their understanding and practice of leadership, emphasizing not only preparation for work, but education for life. By blending classroom learning and theory with hands-on experiential exercises and field trips, students have ample opportunities to apply their leadership skills in real-world situations.

Our innovative faculty are dedicated to bringing out the best in their students, inspiring profound and lasting learning and creating a genuine spirit of community which pervades the program. The leadership minor is a perfect fit for students seeking a practical and relevant complement to their chosen major while fulfilling numerous general education (GE) objectives. It is particularly appropriate for students motivated to make a positive difference in those around them through their lives and work. Students who share a desire and passion to learn... to lead... to serve

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  • MLD Students rope walkingOur leadership training promotes four key learning outcomes:

    • An understanding of the theory and practice of leading as a way of serving and values-based leadership
    • Increased self-awareness (leading as a way of both being and doing)
    • How to leverage individual differences and unite around a common purpose to create high-performing teams
    • Critical thinking, ethical practice and social responsibility
  • MLD StudentsView the Leadership Minor Program Requirements (.pdf)

    *View the catalog requirements

  • MLD lead teamAdmission to the program is by recommendation only. Interested students who have completed one semester (15 credits) and are in good academic standing are encouraged to contact Dr. Mark Maier with any questions. Applications are accepted at any time, but notification of acceptance to the program occurs during three cycles:

    • October 1 for Fall (October 15 notification)
    • February 15 for Spring (March 1 notification)
    • April 15 for Summer (May 1 notification)

    For the application to be complete, a student must have BOTH the recommendation form and the application submitted before the deadline. The forms for recommendation and application are linked here:

    To apply, please complete the LEAD recommendation form  and the LEAD Application form 

    Send application forms to Kelly McCuen at 

  • Dr. Mark Maier smilingDr. Mark Maier (Ph.D in Social Organization and Social Change- Sociology, Cornell University) is the Program Director for the Leadership Studies Minor.  He served as founding chair of Chapman's Organizational Leadership Programs from 1994-2002, and guided the program's ascension to national prominence when it garnered The Outstanding Leadership Program Award from the Association of Leadership Educators, a national consortium of leadership development experts from academia as well as the public and private sector.  He came to Chapman in 1994 to inaugurate its undergraduate and graduate programs in leadership, on the strength of his role creating one of the first academic programs devoted to leadership in the nation, the Leadership and Organization Studies Program at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton (1986-1994).


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  • MLD group experciseStudents who have not applied for the LEAD minor should contact Kelly McCuen for advising, application procedures, or any other questions by email at or by phone at (714) 997-6788.

    Current Lead Minor Students should contact Dr. Maier for advising and questions. Dr. Maier can be reached at or by phone at (714) 628-7316. Students and prospective students are also invited to contact Mark at home c/o (714) 279-0829.

Student Testimonial

LEAD student Tony Vallejo

"The classes, the material, the content all reinforce a sense of competence, confidence, and congeniality.  The courses are about learning, not memorization.  What you learn in LEAD sticks with you...You take something significant out of every class.”

TONY VALLEJO (Psychology, '17)

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