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The Thompson Policy Institute’s Advanced Practices in Learning (APL) provides technical assistance to enhance the expertise of school inclusion and transition outcomes for students with disabilities. This focus on inclusion and transition allows us to improve the professional learning of all educators and school leaders for improved quality of instruction and outcomes for all students and their families. APL focuses its technical assistance in schools, school districts, agencies, and the professionals that make-up those organizations.

Advanced Practices in Learning offers high-quality, research-based services within multi-tiered levels of support provided by content experts and centers on understanding the needs, priorities, and strengths to provide targeted educational support. APL offers virtual and in-person training, coaching and feedback, as well as personalized consultations.

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Program Elements

Advanced Practices in Learning Series: Utilizing the district LCAP, this series provides a menu of professional learning aligned with the district’s priorities to promote meaningful systematic change throughout the academic school year.

Education Consultation: Education Consultation, known as EdCon, provides guidance, clarification, and next steps (as appropriate) on topics and questions related to special education, interventions, and 504 plans for preschool - 22 years of age.

Needs Analysis: APL works collaboratively with school personnel to assess the needs of the school/school district. The goal of the assessment is to identify targeted needs and to develop a systematic approach to increasing the capacity of teachers, classified staff, and educational leaders. As a part of the needs analysis, APL can utilize the LCAP as a guiding tool to identify goals, plan professional development in priority areas, and leverage resources to support student achievement.

Program Evaluation: APL provides program evaluation as a means to systematically collect, analyze, and use data to examine the effectiveness of the implementation in the classroom.

School Leadership: APL provides custom in-service training for district leaders who wish to lead the charge for creating more inclusive schooling for all students.                                        

Program Content

• Leadership Development • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) • Equity and Access • Transition Programming (i.e. Person Centered Planning)
• Inclusive Education • CA-MTSS Practices • Co-teaching • Paraeducator Training



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