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TPI’s work in this area attempts to explain the significant increase in the rate of ASD diagnosis and determine what impact this increase has on schools and adult life. TPI is also investigating how policies may have inadvertently impacted this change in prevalence. To learn more, read our 2017 Summary Report


Cardinal, D., Griffiths, A., Maupin, Z., & Fraumeni-McBride, J. (2020). An investigation of increased rates of autism in U.S. public schools. Psychology in the Schools. doi:https://doi.org/10.1002/pits.22425 

State sampling by population centers in the US map

Figure 1: State sampling by population centers in the United States (US Census, 2010)

Expected vs. Actual Gap Scores per Disability Category: 2000-2015Figure 2: Graph illustrating expected vs. actual gap scores per Disability Category: 2000-2015