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» Assessment Committee

The faculty Assessment Committee, representing Chapman's ten schools and colleges with members appointed by the Faculty Senate, oversees and evaluates learning outcomes assessment at Chapman University.

The Committee’s role and responsibilities are to:

  1. Oversee implementation of learning outcomes assessment plans by departments and programs as they relate to majors and general education at Chapman University.
  2. Work with the Office of the Provost to create an annual schedule of assessment activities, plans, and reports.
  3. Review guidelines, policies, and templates/forms for assessment plans and reports.
  4. Review program annual assessment plans and reports and provide recommendations/criticisms.
  5. Review the results of program review and make recommendations from the perspective of student learning and assessment evidence as they relate to curriculum and resource allocation.
  6. Provide support, workshops and consultation with faculty and program leaders regarding learning outcomes assessment.
  7. Promote campus discussion and reflection on learning outcomes assessment.
  8. Coordinate with the Office of the Provost, the General Education Committee, the Undergraduate Academic Council, the Graduate Academic Council and the Long Range Planning Council to develop links between institutional priorities, assessment, program review, and general education.