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» Learning Outcomes Assessment

Student learning outcomes represent the culminating knowledge, behaviors, skills or abilities that students get from an educational experience. At Chapman, student learning outcomes have been designed for

     - our general education program
     - every major or degree program
     - the student life experience
     - the experience one gets at our institution
     - every course that Chapman offers
The learning outcomes in each of the above areas have been designed not only to represent the skills or abilities one would normally associate with a specific course, major or degree program, but they are also tied to our mission, strategic plan, and core values—making the learning experience distinctly Chapman.

In a process called assessment, Chapman measure student attainment of learning outcomes at regular cycles for each of the areas listed above for the purpose of improvement. Chapman programs use the Chapman Assessment Report System (CARS) to submit their assessment reports. 

The results of these assessments drive curricular reform, faculty hiring, and institutional planning, budgeting and decision making—representing Chapman's commitment to academic excellence at every above.

To see the student learning outcomes for each area, and how and when each area is assessed, click on the links below.