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Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus

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Chapman University's Harry and Diane Rinker Health Science Campus is dedicated to health science education and research. The Rinker Campus is home to both the School of Pharmacy, and several graduate programs within the Crean College of Health and Behavioral Sciences.

The Rinker Campus is located in Irvine, California, home to hospitals, labs, medical and pharmaceutical businesses. 

At the Rinker Campus, you will find:

  • Programs offering master's and doctorate degrees in the health sciences.
  • A technologically innovative space for graduate studies.
  • Interprofessional education.
  • Shared classrooms and learning spaces for education, research and treatment.
  • Access to the latest research tools.


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Use our 360-degree tour to see more of the lab and classroom space.


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Rinker Programs

The Rinker Campus offers several different master’s and doctorate programs in the health sciences. View a complete list of graduate programs offered at the Rinker Campus on our Programs page:

Where is The Rinker Campus?The Irvine skyline

The Rinker Campus is located in Irvine, California, just 15 miles away from Chapman's Orange Campus. Irvine is an ideal location to study health sciences as it is home to many hospitals and medical-science businesses. Our graduate students enjoy the many partnerships that our programs have within the community.

Life in Irvine


A medical manikin in a patient labRinker Labs and Classrooms

Rinker’s labs and classrooms feature the latest health-science tools available. That way, you’ll get real experience that you can use in research labs, hospitals and wherever your healthcare career takes you.

Learn more about our facilities on our Labs and Classrooms page:

Labs and classrooms


A large group of students meeting to participate in interprofessional educationInterprofessional Education

At Rinker, we’re strong believers in the value of interprofessional education.

Interprofessional education is when students from different fields come together to conduct research. It’s interdisciplinary study that solves problems across the healthcare fields.

Check out our Interprofessional Education page for more info and examples:

Interprofessional Education


A student getting help from a counselorStudent Services

At Rinker, you’ll have access to all our student services. That includes support programs, resources for grad students and more.

Check out all our student services:

Student Services


Rinker students wearing lab coats and working in a labVisit Rinker Campus

Want to check out Rinker Campus for yourself? Come take a tour!

Each program at Rinker has its own tour. Check out our Campus Tours page to take a tour of the program you’re interested in:

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