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From classrooms to lab spaces and even the hallways (where you can write on the walls), everything in the Keck Center for Science and Engineering is designed to foster collaboration and hands-on learning. Keck Center’s state-of-the-art tools empower students to gain expertise and professional research experience in areas they’re passionate about.

Cutting-Edge Tools and Technology

Our tools support high-level research opportunities for faculty and students. In Keck, undergraduate students get access to equipment that's often only used by graduate students and professional researchers.

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240 Gallon Saltwater Aquariums

These aquariums are home to the hagfish, an ancient marine creature that defends itself with poisonous slime. Student and faculty researchers at Chapman are exploring how that slime can replace petroleum to make Kevlar, Nylon and other materials.

hagfish at Chapman University

3D Printers

Students use these printers for research and class work and are encouraged to push the boundaries of what’s possible with additive manufacturing. From biological tissue to microchips, engineers have barely scratched the surface of what 3D printers can do. Our 3D printing lab contains nearly 20 printers with a wide range of capabilities.

3D printed object Chapman University

Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Class 3B Laser

Solid-state lasers are used for a range of medical and security purposes, from fighting cancer to enhancing national defense. Students can explore what this powerful technology can do alongside professors—in class and working on their research teams.

High Resolution Imaging

Including two electron-scanning microscopes, an atomic force microscope and a laser-scanning confocal microscope with sub-wavelength resolution, you can use this equipment to examine the tiniest pieces of life and energy.

Visit our Microscopy Facility Training and Reservations page to learn more about our high resolution imaging tools, get trained on equipment and reserve time to use it.

High resolution imaging

High-performance Computing Technology

Whether you want to build virtual reality software, improve cyber security or explore the potential of artificial intelligence—or anything between—our computing equipment and resources will help you make exciting discoveries. All the computing labs in Keck are set up so students can explore emerging software and technology alongside their peers and professors.

computing technology at Chapman

Leica Cryostat Brain Tissue Slicer

Producing thin slices of tissue that you can examine with powerful microscopes, the brain tissue slicer will enable you to understand the human brain in new and exciting ways.

Collaborative Lab Spaces

Like everything in the Keck Center, our lab spaces are designed to foster collaboration and provide hands-on learning opportunities.

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Beckman Computing Lab

Designed to nurture highly interactive learning environments, this space groups students together in teams to work on the most challenging computational problems we face today.

Beckman computing lab

Core Labs for Molecular and Environmental Analysis

These labs will help you learn about the natural world and how humans have impacted it by looking at molecules, cells and other (very) small things to get insight on climate change, sustainability and other important areas. 

The Molecular Analysis suite is home to a gel permeation unit with a light-scattering detector and a laser confocal microscope. The Environmental Analysis suite features an elemental analyzer, fluorescence microscope, spectrometer and other tools to conduct advanced research.

environmental analysis

Ecology Teaching Lab

With access to green spaces on the roof of the building, the third-floor Ecology Lab pushes students to dig in (literally) to ecology studies and research in the Environmental Science program.

Fletcher Jones Foundation Physics Laboratory Suite

This open lab features collaborative stations and a range of high-end technology and tools, from a functioning Tesla coil to microscopes and research equipment that’s helping physicists understand the laws of reality. Here, students conduct experiments in order to understand principles of electricity, magnetism and much more.

physics lab

Masimo Microbiology Teaching Laboratory

This interactive teaching space supports exploration and discovery in therapeutics, genetics and environmental analysis.

Microchip Technology Software Engineering and Circuit Design Labs

These labs provide students with industry-standard tools needed to develop and manage software projects; create new VR experiences or multiplayer games; or design and test new integrated circuits. 3D-printing labs are also housed here.

microchip lab

Ranney Food Processing Laboratory

This space gives students hands-on training with equipment that can be used to process a wide variety of commercial food products. Students learn to dehydrate apple slices, spray dry milk, roast coffee and heat process protein shakes to make store-ready products. They also benefit from working with food companies and conducting small-scale trials in this laboratory. 

The M.S. in Food Science program provides Keck Center tours for interested potential students. Check their website for upcoming dates and times.

Sarah Ann and Dale E. Fowler Biology Laboratory

You’ll examine cellular organisms and much more here, getting insight on what makes plants, animals and humans tick—and how everything fits together to form ecosystems and habitats. In this lab, students do everything from examining simple biological structures to conducting full dissections of organisms.

biology lab

W.M. Keck Foundation Chemistry Suite

An important part of Chapman’s Chemistry program, the labs of the Chemistry Suite enable students to synthesize new materials, analyze a variety of samples and tackle problems like food storage and climate change.

chemistry lab

Get Inspired

From the Women of Chapman gallery to historic research artifacts and science-inspired art, you’ll get motivated to explore your curiosity every time you walk through the Keck Center.

Coming Soon: Fowler School of Engineering Wing

In fall 2021, the Keck Center will open its Engineering Wing, which will be the home of our Fowler School of Engineering

Visit the Engineering Wing page to learn about the equipment and collaborative spaces you’ll find there. 

Keck Center Tours

Student giving a tour of the Keck Center

Keck Center tours are led by current students. You’ll learn about opportunities for STEM majors while exploring our new 140,000-square-foot facility. View availability and register online.

Training and Equipment Reservations

student using a 3D printer

Faculty and current students can visit our Training and Reservation page to explore specific tools in Keck.