» Chapman University Collection of Historical Figures

All across the Chapman campus, busts of historic figures showcase our nation’s history and notable individuals from around the world. The large majority of the busts that adorn our campus highlight a tradition to mark the establishment of a new endowed chair, which is among the highest honors that can be bestowed on a faculty member. This longstanding tradition reflects the often-eclectic sources of inspiration of the donors themselves and has resulted in the diverse array of busts we see on campus today.

Chapman has an unwavering commitment to foster a rigorous intellectual community for our students and to provide an environment in which they can go beyond just learning facts to develop their own views and grow their own value system. This is best done by being confronted with discordant ideologies, and by studying the imperfect history that provides a foundation for creative influence on this world, this country and this university.

To truly offer an exemplary educational experience, a university is bound to expose students to ideas, images, art and history they may dislike or even find objectionable, while at the same time providing a safe place to debate and engage in civil discourse so we can learn together and grow in each other’s viewpoints. 

Follow the links on this website to learn more about the iconic figures behind the busts. Commentary by Chapman faculty experts provides critical context for intellectually robust discussions of the complex roles these individuals played in the broad sweep of history.

Collection of Historical Figures Map

View the map locations of the Collection of Historical Figures statues located throughout the Chapman campuses.