» The Ludie & David C. Henley Social Sciences Research Laboratory

The Henley lab supports undergraduate and faculty research through a variety of programs. Research assistants staff the lab five days a week and can help faculty with the collection and analysis of data. They are also available to support students by providing tutoring in SPSS, GIS and quantitative methods for courses that include this content.

Students who are interested in getting involved in a research project with faculty or who would like to do their own independent research are encouraged to visit the lab to find out about current opportunities.

Henley lab work has been cited by national and international press, our fellows have been accepted into prestigious graduate schools, and our research has assisted emergency managers throughout Orange County, helping to make all of us safer from disasters. In addition, the lab provides support five days a week to students who need tutoring in SPSS, GIS, R, and quantitative methods for courses that include this content.

Being a part of the Henley Lab has been a dream of mine since I first entered Chapman University as a freshman. As a member of the lab, I have been able to sharpen my research skills and aid other students with their own research interests and goals. The Henley Lab has allowed me to conduct research that pertains to my interests, given me access to professors, and it has let me join a family of student researchers,” - Roxy Amirazizi (’22)

See Roxy’s work cited by the New York Times!

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Dr. Ann Gordon agordon@chapman.edu

We are located on the 2nd floor in Roosevelt Hall and available remotely.