» The Ludie & David C. Henley Social Sciences Research Laboratory

The Henley lab supports undergraduate and faculty research through a variety of programs. Research assistants staff the lab five days a week and can help faculty with the collection and analysis of date. They are also available to support students by providing tutoring in SPSS, GIS and quantitative methods for courses that include this content.

Students who are interested in getting involved in a research project with faculty or who would like to do their own independent research are encouraged to visit the lab to find out about current opportunities.

The HSSRL also encourages and facilitates interdisciplinary research with the creation of faculty work groups.

We also serve as a resource for the community and can provide consulting services.


The Henley lab is pleased to provide consulting for local government and community groups. Please contact the director so we can discuss your needs.

The HSSRL recently partnered with the Orange County Register to study the impact of newspaper advertising and voter decision-making. We worked with the OCR to conduct an experiment and focus groups.  This provided an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with conducting social science research. In addition, the data from that experiment are available to Henley lab users.

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Student Spotlight

Kathleen Doll '14

Kathleen Doll
Political Science/Psychology major with a minor in Women's Studies.

Working in the lab:

Whenever I am asked about my time at Chapman thus far, the first word that comes to mind is "opportunity." Of the numerous opportunities I have been afforded here at Chapman, my experiences in the Henley Lab constitute my most treasured.

Having the chance to perform my own research in the Henley Lab, as well as alongside distinguished faculty, has truly enhanced my academic ambitions and reaffirmed just how valuable research skills are. My experiences in the Henley Lab, and at research conferences, have illustrated that research constitutes the vehicle in which critical thinking, profound understanding of the world, and a myriad of other key scholastic qualities are fully honed. Engaging with faculty in the research setting has challenged me to engage in higher-level thinking as well as develop substantial mentor-ship bonds.

While I have a lot left to learn, thanks to the Henley Lab I have the skills to more fully observe, understand, and improve the world. Now more than ever, I am optimistic about my future ambitions, perusing my graduate school options, and looking forward to seeing where else the realm of research can lead me.

Current Project:
Currently, I am assisting Dr. Angeliki Kanavou with her enlightening research on the Cambodian Genocide, specifically memory transmission from one generation to the next. By analyzing the similarities and differences between the off spring of the survivors and perpetrators, much insight into the psychological realms of peace and conflict has been obtained. Through having the ability to interact with the raw data that Dr. Kanavou has gleaned from her interviews with the Cambodian youth, passion for social science research has been reignited.

Future plans:

Next year I plan to pursue a 12-month service opportunity through AmeriCorps. I look forward to utilizing my research skills to benefit non-profit organizations as they combat poverty, education issues, and equity initiatives. At the conclusion of that experience, I hope to attend graduate school, either domestically or abroad, to earn an advanced degree in political psychology.

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Dr. Ann Gordon, agordon@chapman.edu

We are located in Roosevelt Hall 222. Stop by and say hi!